3 Qualities to look for in a Foundation Repair Company

You’re seeing signs of foundation damage on your property. It’s typical for panic to set when thinking about the potential safety risk to your family along with the extensive process of repair. Well, first, we suggest having a professional inspect your property to confirm what you’re seeing is actually foundation damage. In some cases, a crack in a wall could mean old drywall or a stuck door could be a warped frame.

So before you worry yourself into sleepless nights, call (661) 294-1313 to schedule a free, no obligation foundation inspection. If it’s determined that you are experiencing foundation damage, and you choose Foundation Technology as your contractor, it’s important to know who you’re hiring for the job. At Foundation Technology, we embody the three below characteristics that ensure the integrity of your home will once again be secure.

1. Quality Craftsmanship

Whether for foundation repair or new construction, the decision to hire Foundation Technology guarantees the use of products manufactured to the highest standards. We install products that have been thoroughly tested, certified and meet or exceed all building and safety codes. They also sustain rigorous structural and material integrity manufacturing standards and come with a written stamp of approval from a certified licensed structural engineer.

2. Superior Knowledge

With over 20 years experience in the residential and commercial repair, restoration and rehab industries, we’ve built the most knowledgeable network of foundation repair partners and contractors in North America. As a result, we’re able to operate with the combined resources of all partnered manufacturers whose products we install. Our installation technicians are thoroughly trained and certified by each product manufacturer as well.

3. Honest Pricing

We’ll customize the most cost-effective repair system to solve your foundation problem. You’ll also receive a detailed breakdown of other, lower cost alternatives, if they exist. We guarantee a full understanding of all factors within a quotation so you can make the most educated decision to fit your needs. Although the costs of foundation repair can vary depending on the type of problem, and level of difficulty, we want you to be comfortable knowing that our quote is in accordance with the solution.