A Foundation Repair Finance Company You Can Trust: Foundation Technology

Retrofitting Your Home with the Help a Foundation Repair Finance Company

The cost of foundation repair could be prohibitive. A typical repair project can set you back up to $14,000. While some forms of home insurance may cover the cost of home repairs, particularly at the foundation, a foundation repair finance company like Foundation Technology can help you get the repair or retrofitting that your house badly needs. This is especially helpful now that certain earthquake models predict that “the next big one” might come soon.

Many building contractors choose to have themselves accredited by a number of industry organizations. One of the largest contractors’ federations, the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA), operates a clearinghouse that allows customers to search for a construction finance company that suits their needs.

The EGIA GEOSmart Program is not just a clearinghouse; it also accredits contractors based on their company history, their capabilities, and their financial standing. This means that only the most robust contractors with proven track records are in their whitelist. We at Foundation Technolgy are proud to be an authorized GEOSmart Authorized Contractor, and as such, you can rest assured that we follow industry best practices in both financial and operational matters, ensuring that the retrofitting that your foundation repair needs is worth every dollar you spend.

If your home is badly in need of foundation retrofitting or replacement and need a foundation repair finance company that can offer a loan program that allows you to make low monthly payments, give us a call. We offer GEOSmart financing to all our customers, and can offer loan terms of up to 12 years. We also have a Quick & Easy Loan-by-Phone application process to make it more convenient for our customers to get the financing they need.

There is no longer any excuse for putting off foundation retrofitting or replacement. With the help of an EGIA-accredited foundation repair finance company like Foundation Technology, you should be able to get your house protected, helping you breathe easy knowing that your property and loved ones will be safe if disaster strikes. Contact us today!