There is a technical committee who strives to make most terms within the foundation building and repair industry universal. This team looks at Spray Polyurethane in particular and came up with a list of technical service to the Spray Polyurethane.

A Sneak Peak of A – B Glossary:
A-SIDE: (A-Component) One component of a two component system. For polyurethane foam and coat-ings the isocyanate component. (See ISOCYANATE)

ABAA: See Air Barrier Association of America.

ABSOLUTE HUMIDITY: The actual concentration of water vapor in air. May be expressed in units of kPa, grains of moisture per pound of dry air, pounds of moisture per pound of dry air, or as a partial pressure as inches of mercury (in. Hg).

AC-377 / ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA 377: The standard to which a specific formulation of SPF is evaluated by ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Service) in order to issue an Evaluation Report which de-scribes the foam’s compliance with building code requirements.

ACCELERATOR: A chemical additive to coating or polyurethane foam systems used in relatively small amounts to increase the speed of the reaction or decrease the time required to cure or dry.

ACRYLIC COATING: A coating system based on an acrylic resin. Generally, a “water based” coating

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Soft Story

“But what about my tenants?”


That’s one of the first questions most building owners will ask when they receive the notice to comply with their city’s seismic retrofit ordinance.

And it’s a legitimate question to ask. You have people living in your building. You may have retail space on the ground floor or office space where people are on the job every day. Your commercial tenants can’t just stop working. Your residential tenants should not be expected to find another place to live.

Your city’s Building Department knows your tenants’ point of view. Before the construction process even starts, you’ll need to have a plan in place to communicate with your tenants. This plan will detail exactly what the construction process entails and what kind of disruption your tenants might experience. Because if one tenant complains, your construction process could be delayed and that costs you both time and money.

The good news is—we take care of that plan. And the plan we design puts the needs of your tenants first. Here are some of the things your tenants will want to know:

  • When will the process start?
  • When will it be finished?
  • Will we have water, electricity, sewer, and other services during the process?
  • What days and hours will workers be on the premises?
Soft Story

Why Now

From your point of view as a building owner or manager, there are a few more things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, you may need to notify your tenants as much as 60 days in advance of when you plan the project to begin. There’s a period of time for them to appeal your plan, usually 15 days. You will have a specific period of time to complete the project and if the work is not done, you may be required to relocate tenants at your expense. It’s our goal to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Soft-story retrofitting, done properly, improves the safety and value of your property now and into the future. Go with the pros. Select a firm that has broad experience in this construction specialty. Foundation Technology is the go-to solution for your soft-story project.


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Foundation Technology was contacted to provide repair solutions for an integral piece of machinery at their Rancho Cucamonga foundry, which was settling due to poor soil conditions, vibration, and the extreme high weight of the machine itself.

Foundation Technology Delivered Amazing Results

The complete project took six days, start to finish, and was completed during a bi-annual plant maintenance shut down, thereby minimizing production issues. Maintenance and engineering from Gerdau were quite amazed and pleased with the speed and proficiency in which the job was completed. The machine pedestal is level, and initial reaction is positive to the reduction in vibration around the shear operation from the HMI polyurethane foam injection. Costs associated with this project versus the previous lift and level repair, are less than sealing the access holes 30%, offering even more total project satisfaction.

To learn more about Foundation Technology and the services we offer Visit us online at: or call: 855.650.2211

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Foundation Technology was contacted to provide repair solutions for an integral piece of machinery


Gerdau North America is one of the leading producers of Rebar in the United States. Rebar is used in bridges, buildings, skyscrapers, homes, warehouses, foundations and roads to increase the strength of the concrete and ultimately help hold up the structures. With construction booming, their product is in high demand.

Foundation Technology offered the following services:

  • Machinery Support
  • Leveling Pump Pad/Support Repair
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Heavy Machine Isolation
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Below Grade Waterproofing
  • Chemical Grouting Pressure Grouting Void Filling
  • Polyurethane Foam Slab Raising Geotechnical Foams Helical/Push Piers

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Foundation Technology, (Foundation Tech, Inc.), managed the repairing of damaged and settled concrete runway slabs at the Beijing International- PEK- Capital Airport, Beijing, China.

For more information contact: Jerry Bronstrup (

Foundation Tech, Inc., a California consulting and repair contractor specializing in soil stabilization and foundation repair solutions and services was selected by the largest China based airport repair and maintenance contractor to assist in repair of the Beijing Capital- PEK Airport runways.

Severe drought conditions over the past eight years in Beijing have caused a large fissure in the subsoil directly underneath the Beijing Capital Airport, extending over 2.3 kilometers. The fracture crosses directly underneath two of Beijing’s three main runways, causing severe settlement of the 60-90 cm deep concrete runway and taxiway slabs. Settlement of 7cm to 25cm for the five meter square two layered slabs has occurred along the complete length of the 2.3 kilometer crack. This has caused hazardous conditions for not only airport vehicle traffic but also for aircraft landing and taxiing along the affected areas.

Multiple attempts to repair the settled slabs on both the runways as well as taxiways has offered poor results due to the continued widening of the crack and the subsequent soil erosion and slab settlement along the entire runway. Grinding and pouring an overlayment including pumping concrete into the crack[s], to level the hundreds of five square meter slabs was not a viable option due to the time frame to cure, as well as logistical issues with installation crews and construction equipment being on an active runway.

Jerry Bronstrup of Foundation Technology suggested utilizing HMI polyurethane foam for a quick and lightweight alternative over conventional replacement methods to both level the affected slabs and fill the voids which was very effective. Ground penetrating radar was used to determine the total breadth and width of the fissure. It was then decided to utilize HMI’s RR401 heavy lift geotechnical foam due to its fast tact free time and high compressive strength skin that avoids concrete adhesion. The Wisconsin Manufacturer’s 4lb. per cubic foot foam was perfect for the job and would stand up to the airport runways and taxiways heavy loads. Subsequent onsite tests were performed to prove the feasibility of the RR401 polyurethane foam as a viable alternative for slab lifting and void fill. Over 120,000 lbs. of foam was required to complete the project.



Heavy-duty polyurethane foam perfect for D.O.T. & industrial concrete repair.

RR401 is a 4 lb. per cubic foot dual component foam engineered to be stronger for lifting larger slabs. This foam will stand up to heavy loads and high traffic, and exceeds specifications required by Federal and State transportation departments across the U.S.A.

Foundation Tech, Inc. is a California contractor specializing in soil stabilization and foundation repair solutions, products, and installation services.

They offer consulting, project management, and installation services worldwide.

For more information call or visit them online:

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By most experts in the industry, the 2014 real estate outlook is beginning to look far much better than that of the past few years. Home prices are heading north at a modest clip in most if not all counties across the U.S., and mortgage rates are still in the affordable range. As the REO inventory winds down or as some would agree, is silently put on hold until prices climb even higher…

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