Let us repair your foundation permanently in as little as 3-7 days.  You can expect us to be quick, cost effective, eco-friendly and entirely non-disruptive. You won’t even know we’re here.

Foundation repair, concrete lifting, seismic retrofitting and structural support for residential, commercial and industrial applications in Los Angeles, California.

Inspections are always free.

Foundation Problems?  Get them fixed fast.

  • Sinking Floors
  • Uneven Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Stuck Windows
  • Doors Won’t Shut
  • Tilting Chimney
  • Bulging Walls
  • Wall Cracks
  • Standing Water
  • Cracked Concrete

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You don’t need to replace your entire foundation.  Call us for a free inspection today.

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Don’t Let Foundation Issues Disrupt Your Daily Life

Foundation Technology offers concrete restoration within 3 – 7 business days! We offer fast, reliable and affordable work 25 years guaranteed.

Foundation repair, concrete lifting, seismic retrofitting and structural support for residential applications in Los Angeles, California.

To  learn  more  about  Foundation  Technology  and  the  services  we  offer Visit us on line at: https://foundationtechnology.com/ or call: 855.650.2211 

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Earth quake is a reality and it can happen anytime. Did you know?

Buildings with Substantial Structural Damage to Vertical Elements of the Lateral Force- Resisting System

 Section 3405.2 through 3405.2.3 describes the requirements for damage evaluation and the triggers for seismic retrofit of earthquake damaged buildings:

Section 3405.2 – Substantial Structural Damage to Vertical Elements of the Lateral Force- Resisting System

 A building that has sustained substantial structural damage to the vertical elements of its lateral force-resisting system shall be evaluated and repaired in accordance with the applicable provisions of Sections 3405.2.1 through 3405.2.3.

 Find out how Foundation Technology can assist you to meet the requirements and pass your evaluation with flying colors.

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To  learn  more  about  Foundation  Technology  and  the  services  we  offer Visit us on line at: https://foundationtechnology.com/ or call: 855.650.2211

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The battle cry of “A true Deplorable” (based on the opinions of just about everyone in America)

Seems every day somebody is complaining about their contractor. Since I am one, I always seem to be the guy they like to complain about the “other guy” to!    On the true list of  deplorable’ s, not the Hillary or  Donald Trump versions, but the true, “personae non gratae” type deplorable that everyone in America despises;  contractors and handymen are right up there with used car salesmen, telemarketers, and snake oil salesmen.  Distrusted, hated, despised, and generally not welcome to your office holiday party.  Since I’m often thrown into that category, I’ve been growing a real complex as of late.

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If you have been watching the news about earthquake preparedness and all the recent seismic activity in California, you’ll quickly realize none of us paid any attention to that old adage about building a home on a solid foundation, because that one surely doesn’t ring true in our neck of the woods.  If you live in Southern California, you know you’re living on shaky ground…

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Actress Dyan Cannon woke up in her Malibu Colony home to what “sounded like a 747 landing in my yard.”

“I opened the shutters and my pool was gone. I ran downstairs, and the ocean was coming into my living room. Then I saw firemen falling into the pool; they didn’t know it was there because it’s covered with water.”

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Concrete Replacement vs. Concrete Leveling: Which is Better?

Broken, uneven, or sunken concrete slabs need to be fixed as they pose numerous dangers, especially to pedestrians. Concrete replacement and concrete leveling are two methods that are commonly undertaken to correct this structural problem. While both can provide good, long-lasting results, the latter provides more advantages in terms of time, labor, and cost.

Concrete Replacement

As the name suggests, concrete replacement requires partial or complete removal of the broken concrete and then replacing it with a new slab. This technique can be time-consuming, which increases the risk of injury. Since it involves numerous processes, from drilling the concrete and putting up reinforcements to pouring the concrete mix, among others, this method will require more labor and help from machinery.

For projects or public sites that aren’t as sensitive to disturbances, this traditional method is viable, especially if there isn’t a limited amount of time to finish the project. However, these longer jobs must take other factors into consideration. Weather conditions such as rain can extend the project schedule.

Concrete Leveling

On the other hand, leveling the broken or uneven concrete involves fewer steps that involves drilling the concrete, pumping it up with polyurethane foam to level the surface, and finally patching the crack marks. What might normally take weeks for a replacement to accomplish will only take as little as 15 minutes with leveling, depending on the scope of work.

Carrying out leveling work can also be done without a building permit, since it isn’t as disruptive to the public compared to replacement. Concrete leveling is also a preferred option for many because it is cost-effective. While this method offers a quick fix, it doesn’t compromise the quality of the results.

In the end, both concrete replacement and leveling have their own advantages, but contractors and homeowners have more to gain by choosing the latter.

Trust the experts at Foundation Technology for professional concrete leveling or other foundation repair services for your home or business. Contact us today and ask us about our free inspection service.


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As a home or building owner, you know the importance of maintaining the different aspects of your property. One area you might not be thinking about is your foundation. Like many of us, you may not be aware of the importance of foundation maintenance, until you spot a problem with your foundation. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent or avoid future damage.

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Is your chimney starting to look a little less than straight? Does it seem to be leaning one way or other? A leaning chimney may not seem like a big deal, but think about the damage it might do to your home, car, or anyone near the area should it fall.

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Remember when you were a kid and you heard noises coming from your house at night? When you asked your parents if they were monsters or ghosts causing the noise they probably told you, “No, that is just the house settling.” It might sound strange, but all structures move to some degree.

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