Foundation Technology works with a lot of home owners and continues to support them. Did you know that there is an actual homeowner’s guide for flood, debris flow and erosion control? This guide assists you as a home owner to see what you are qualified for and how you can be safe by adhering to the safety guidelines.

This guide shows you to be better prepared if in the case of a storm or emergency. It gives you different options how you can prepare your home if there is a flood, mudslides, earthquake, etc…

Heavy and sustained rainfall from winter storms cause millions and, at times, billions of dollars in property damage annually. Planning and preparing against these disastrous effects, especially in hillside areas, can reduce or eliminate damage to homes and property.

Having a Better Foundation Helps
Foundation Technology offers free foundation inspections to home owners and property owners. See how we can assist you today by facilitating you to be better prepared in times of emergencies. Let us build your confidence to weather these storms.

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