Don’t Let Foundation Issues Disrupt Your Daily Life

Foundation Technology offers concrete restoration within 3 – 7 business days! We offer fast, reliable and affordable work 25 years guaranteed.

Foundation repair, concrete lifting, seismic retrofitting and structural support for residential applications in Los Angeles, California.

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The battle cry of “A true Deplorable” (based on the opinions of just about everyone in America)

Seems every day somebody is complaining about their contractor. Since I am one, I always seem to be the guy they like to complain about the “other guy” to!    On the true list of  deplorable’ s, not the Hillary or  Donald Trump versions, but the true, “personae non gratae” type deplorable that everyone in America despises;  contractors and handymen are right up there with used car salesmen, telemarketers, and snake oil salesmen.  Distrusted, hated, despised, and generally not welcome to your office holiday party.  Since I’m often thrown into that category, I’ve been growing a real complex as of late.

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One Trip Hazard too Many…


A quick Google search of “Trip and Fall Settlements in California” brought more than 500 personal injury lawyers and websites willing and quite able to represent you in the case of a trip and fall accident. Apparently it’s a pretty lucrative business.  Google actually listed 73,100,000 results with over 50,000 using the exact phrase.   The “trip and fall” business isn’t just lucrative, its big business, really big business.   More than 10,000 claims are made and settled each and every day.   Checking with the CDC, over one million Americans are injured and 17,000 are killed each year due to slip and fall accidents.


According to many legal sites, most from personal injury lawyers, the trip and fall “Trivial Defect Rule” covering sidewalks or other defects on public or private property originally dictated that the property owner is not liable for injuries sustained by individuals if the trip hazard was considered “trivial”.   Trivial usually meant the trip defect was any change in height less than 3/4 inch.  A few years back, a couple of rulings in California’s court of appeals changed all that. The court opinionated that all circumstances surrounding the trip and subsequent injury must be taken into account, expanding the parameters of the Trivial Defect Rule, and determined that measurement alone was not a basis for a trivial defect defense.


“What the heck does all that mean”?  Well, if you are a property owner, property manager, city manager, insurance agent, or lawyer representing property owners, HOA’s or any large business/public entity with public or private access, you might want to take a walk around the facilities and take note of the condition of your public access ways.  “Holy smokes”, there’s more than you imagined.  “Call my insurance agent, call my lawyer, call my contractor..” Oops…Property owners beware, there’s a target on your back and a personal injury lawyer that’s got you square in his sights, especially if you have a high traffic public walkway.  Bottom line here; “Fix That Trip Hazard”
With the astronomical costs associated with litigation, or settling even the smallest trip and fall accident, how many trip hazards at your location[s] is “one trip hazard too many”?   I suppose that will be determined by your pain threshold.   If someone actually is injured, most likely it will be determined by a court of law, and you will be the liable party.

While there are a multitude of trip hazards that can never be eliminated, the number one cause of trip and fall lawsuits nationwide, uneven sidewalks and public walkways, can be quickly and efficiently repaired in less than one hour. Back in the good old days of dirt paths and roadways, Mother Nature may have been the cause of grandma falling on her face, but grandma sure couldn’t sue the farmer whose path she crossed.  We all cursed the ground we walked on, nursed our wounds and moved on.  Today designer thruways and walkways built with concrete and stone are the shining glory of every community and property owner in America.   And thanks to Mother Nature they tend to move around quite a bit.  Maybe we shouldn’t have cursed her so much…

Trip Hazard. Gone in a flash…

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is not a new technology.  In fact it’s been around for thirty years, but nobody seems to realize just how quick and effective it is in reducing sidewalk trip hazards.  In most cases it only takes less than one hour to lift or raise a concrete slab that has settled or sunk causing a trip hazard and allow foot or vehicle traffic back.  One hour from trip hazard to traffic again. The cost is generally about the same as removal and replacement but the benefits of eliminating a potential lawsuit immediately can be priceless.  Repair is simple.  Drill a few small holes.  Pump the polyurethane foam under the concrete slab.  The foam expands and lifts the walkway or roadway, (it’s already approved by the Dept of Transportation for lifting highways and interstates), and patch the holes when finished.  You can walk and/or drive on it immediately.  Trip hazard eliminated, lawsuit averted.  How much is that worth? A lot less than you’ll spend if it goes the other way….



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Signs That Your Home in Los Angeles Needs Foundation Repair

When the integrity of a home’s foundation gets compromised, the structure’s overall value is affected as well. Without professional foundation repair, the symptoms of foundation damage will only grow worse and may even threaten the safety of the building’s inhabitants.

Places with warm climates such as Los Angeles typically experience periods of prolonged dryness, causing the soil around some homes to shift or drop. This results in foundation issues that can develop into serious problems over time.

Foundation Technology specializes in foundation repair in Los Angeles, and can recognize the early signs of foundation damage listed below. It’s important to recognize and fix these signs right away, so that future problems that could cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars can be prevented.

Windows and doors that jam or fail to latch

It’s normal for houses to “settle”, but this shouldn’t cause any drastic changes in your home. However, if you notice gaps below doors and window sills, or if it becomes extremely difficult to open and close doors and windows that used to function properly, have your house checked by a professional. Also, see if your doors are starting to drag and leave scratches on your floor; this could be an early symptom of foundation damage.

Unleveled floors and walls

Indoors, unleveled floors are most easily seen in the bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. If you see that the floor underneath you is sloping, have your home’s foundation checked immediately. Moving outside, identify problems by looking down the length of your foundation wall from each corner. The wall should not lean, curve, or have any bulges; it should be level, both up and down and from side to side.


If you see cracks appearing where walls meet ceilings or near openings such as doors and windows, this could mean that your home’s foundation is deteriorating. Get in touch with a contractor who does foundation repair. For Los Angeles homeowners, Foundation Technology offers 100% free, no-obligation inspections, as well as repairs that come with written and transferrable 25-year warranties.

If you spot any of these signs and need the help of a Los Angeles-based professional foundation repair company to fix it, contact us or call us at (661) 294-1313.


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As a home or building owner, you know the importance of maintaining the different aspects of your property. One area you might not be thinking about is your foundation. Like many of us, you may not be aware of the importance of foundation maintenance, until you spot a problem with your foundation. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent or avoid future damage.

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Remember when you were a kid and you heard noises coming from your house at night? When you asked your parents if they were monsters or ghosts causing the noise they probably told you, “No, that is just the house settling.” It might sound strange, but all structures move to some degree.

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A quick Google search of “Trip and Fall Settlements in California” brought more than 500 personal injury lawyers and websites willing and quite able to represent you in the case of a trip and fall accident. Apparently it’s a pretty lucrative business.

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Foundation waterproofing is necessary in attempts to keep a basement or crawl space dry, especially if you plan to use the basement as living space. Open areas beneath a home, such as a crawlspace or basement have high moisture content which causes mold to grow on organic materials like wood, fabric, paper or latex paint.

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Conditions that cause foundation damage aren’t usually obvious. It’s a common mistake to treat the symptom such as filling in a cracked slab, instead of addressing the soil or construction details that caused the damage. Quick fixes are short-lived and actually worsen the problem.

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