Foundation Technology works with a lot of home owners and continues to support them. Did you know that there is an actual homeowner’s guide for flood, debris flow and erosion control? This guide assists you as a home owner to see what you are qualified for and how you can be safe by adhering to the safety guidelines.

This guide shows you to be better prepared if in the case of a storm or emergency. It gives you different options how you can prepare your home if there is a flood, mudslides, earthquake, etc…

Heavy and sustained rainfall from winter storms cause millions and, at times, billions of dollars in property damage annually. Planning and preparing against these disastrous effects, especially in hillside areas, can reduce or eliminate damage to homes and property.

Having a Better Foundation Helps
Foundation Technology offers free foundation inspections to home owners and property owners. See how we can assist you today by facilitating you to be better prepared in times of emergencies. Let us build your confidence to weather these storms.

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This program caters to the Tenant Habitability Plan & Cost Recovery Guide for Property Owners. Foundation Technology informs its customers that we work along with these programs and encourage you to facilitate these programs that have been made to make things easier.

How the Program Works:

• Up to 50% of total seismic retrofit costs may
be passed through to tenants, if approved by
• The maximum rent increase is $38 per month
for 120 months. The recovery period may be
extended until the full approved amount is
• Seismic retrofit costs are divided among all
the units.

Foundation Technology Offers Seismic Retrofitting As A Service
Foundation Technology is the leader in Seismic retrofitting. Seismic Retrofits involves modifying existing structures, so that they are more resistant to seismic activity.

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To learn more about Foundation Technology and the services we offer Visit us online at: <ahref=””> or call: 855.650.2211

For more information kindly download full article in PDF format.

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Let us repair your foundation permanently in as little as 3-7 days.  You can expect us to be quick, cost effective, eco-friendly and entirely non-disruptive. You won’t even know we’re here.

Foundation repair, concrete lifting, seismic retrofitting and structural support for residential, commercial and industrial applications in Los Angeles, California.

Inspections are always free.

Foundation Problems?  Get them fixed fast.

  • Sinking Floors
  • Uneven Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Stuck Windows
  • Doors Won’t Shut
  • Tilting Chimney
  • Bulging Walls
  • Wall Cracks
  • Standing Water
  • Cracked Concrete

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You don’t need to replace your entire foundation.  Call us for a free inspection today.

Get your foundation repairs started today. 310-510-6223

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Slab Rocking

Concrete Slab Rocking

Concrete slabs constructed on unbound sub-bases can cause ‘steps’ at joints, the main cause being movement of the sub-base. As heavy vehicles such as forklifts travel over a joint, the slab on the approach side is deflected downward. When the wheel leaves, it quickly deflects upwards creating a gap of low pressure between the slab and the sub-base drawing minute amounts of material from beneath the departure slab to the other side of the joint. After many passages from the vehicles, a significant amount of material is moved across the joint, resulting in ‘stepping’, ultimately leading to slab cracking and slab rocking. The edges are pressed against each other causing spauling of the slab and eventual pockets, resulting in “bumps” or “ruts” that slow forklift traffic substantially. Damage and spills are often the outcome.

HMI Polyurethane Foam

Injection of polyurethane concrete lifting foam to stabilize and lift the slab, eliminating “Slab Rock” and can reduce the down time over conventional repairs from days and weeks to just hours. Slab Rocking occurs and can be eliminated in almost all heavy vehicle traffic locations.

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Actress Dyan Cannon woke up in her Malibu Colony home to what “sounded like a 747 landing in my yard.”

“I opened the shutters and my pool was gone. I ran downstairs, and the ocean was coming into my living room. Then I saw firemen falling into the pool; they didn’t know it was there because it’s covered with water.”

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DIY vs. Professional Foundation Repair

Foundation repair in Los Angeles is extremely important because the San Andreas Fault goes through California. With that said, when you see cracks or other variations of foundation damage around your home or business, is DIY repair a good idea?

DIY Foundation Repair

Performing DIY repairs may reward homeowners with a certain sense of satisfaction and achievement. However, your inexperience may ultimately erode the very purpose of repairing your home’s foundation, which is to bolster your safety in the event of an earthquake or any other type of seismic movement.

While some kinds of minor repairs can be done on your own, they’re more likely to be limited to improving aesthetics. Having professional repair done will ensure that your overall foundation is in top shape. Foundation repair specialists with enough experience working on properties in Los Angeles know how to do a thorough inspection before undertaking repair works.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to go the DIY route, you should at least make sure you’re following expert advice. This is where professional services can be of additional assistance, as some offer site inspections free of charge.

Professional Foundation Repair

Foundation damage typically goes beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Aside from free inspections, another benefit that comes with enlisting the help of a professional is gaining long-lasting results that solve underlying problems.

Professionals have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment to do repair jobs faster—and more efficiently. They also have the necessary tools and resources to carry out their work and in the least invasive way possible.

Lastly, hiring a professional allows you to benefit from the highest level of protection against more serious and costly foundation damage in the future. As the leader in foundation repair, concrete lifting, seismic retrofitting, and structural support and anchoring systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications in Los Angeles, California, Foundation Technology is familiar with the nuances and technicalities of the state’s building regulations, and can make sure that your property is safe and up to spec.

If you spot any signs of foundation damage, contact us and see how we can help ensure your safety, as well as that of your property.


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Recently Foundation Technology was contacted to repair some cracks in a below ground concrete vault that holds the hydraulic lift mechanism within a Midas Muffler shop. It seemed ground water had been seeping in through cracks in both of the fourteen inch wide by eight foot deep vaults that held the shops hydraulic car lifts. Since this is a car repair shop, quite often oil and other automotive chemicals either spilled or leaked into the partially filled pit of water creating a toxic soup that needed to be pumped on a regular basis. Two to three hundred gallons of chemical laden water were being pumped from the vaults on a regular basis. Not only was this a costly endeavor, the water and chemicals also caused the hydraulic machinery to prematurely corrode and fail. Apparently this case of “too much water” had been going on for some time. Pumping was just considered a cost of doing business.
This all came to a head when the building was recently sold to investors. During the escrow period, commercial real estate inspectors determined the water intrusion problem was not only hazardous to the equipment but also to the surrounding soil as chemicals also leached downhill from the vault into the soil below. “The cracks had to be repaired” was the verdict and the lender requirement for the new buyer.
Multiple contractors offering low-cost crack repair solutions were contacted by the sellers’ agent to “seal” the vault from water intrusion. Foundation Technology was also contacted to provide a bid.
There was at least three feet of water with a sheen of motor oil, and hydraulic fluid covering during the initial inspection. The interior walls of the vault were oil and grease coated prohibiting both detailed inspection of the concrete floor and walls as well as attempting any type of epoxy or silicone crack repair as offered by the other contractors. It was determined that seepage from nearby uphill condominium units were the probable cause of the excessive groundwater. (The vault was directly adjacent to the condo project and at least fifteen to twenty feet lower in grade). This resulted in a fairly steady pressure flow of water seepage. It was also evident from the strong rotten odor coming from the vaults, that the soil below was being contaminated by chemical leaching. Simply filling the cracks or applying negative waterproofing was completely out of the question.


HMI 401G being injected in the vault floorHMI 401G being injected in the vault floor

Foundation Technology suggested injecting a plural component polyurethane foam capable of reacting in wet or high moisture applications to create a “positive” water sealant on the outside of the vaults. FT chose HMI’s 401G four pound foam for the project. 5/8” injection holes will drilled along the perimeter of the vault floors as well as on the walls where possible, (since access was fairly tight).

14 inches wide make for a tight working space
14 inches wide make for a tight working space

As the 401G polyurethane foam was injected in each port location, muddy water began to squirt up from the other holes. (As the foam expanded, it displaced the fairly large amount of water beneath the floor which quickly began to fill the vaults). We were actually surprised to see this amount of water coming from the injection port holes, especially in the drought conditions California is experiencing.
Both vaults were completely sealed in two days. After pumping by a hazmat service, the vault will be acid washed and injection holes filled with a hydraulic cement. Additionally a sealant will be applied to the interior to help contain the chemical leaching.
Foundation Technology offers engineered solutions and geotechnical construction/repair for commercial and residential applications. We specialize in soil stabilization, foundation repair, and helical/push pier installation. Foundation Technology provide services in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

For more information or to request a solution to your particular problem, please contact; Nicole Wahnon (
Foundation Tech, Inc.
d.b.a. Foundation Technology
25020 Avenue Stanford, Unit 110
Santa Clarita, California 91355
Toll Free. 855.650.2211
Local. 661.294.1313

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Signs That Your Home in Los Angeles Needs Foundation Repair

When the integrity of a home’s foundation gets compromised, the structure’s overall value is affected as well. Without professional foundation repair, the symptoms of foundation damage will only grow worse and may even threaten the safety of the building’s inhabitants.

Places with warm climates such as Los Angeles typically experience periods of prolonged dryness, causing the soil around some homes to shift or drop. This results in foundation issues that can develop into serious problems over time.

Foundation Technology specializes in foundation repair in Los Angeles, and can recognize the early signs of foundation damage listed below. It’s important to recognize and fix these signs right away, so that future problems that could cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars can be prevented.

Windows and doors that jam or fail to latch

It’s normal for houses to “settle”, but this shouldn’t cause any drastic changes in your home. However, if you notice gaps below doors and window sills, or if it becomes extremely difficult to open and close doors and windows that used to function properly, have your house checked by a professional. Also, see if your doors are starting to drag and leave scratches on your floor; this could be an early symptom of foundation damage.

Unleveled floors and walls

Indoors, unleveled floors are most easily seen in the bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. If you see that the floor underneath you is sloping, have your home’s foundation checked immediately. Moving outside, identify problems by looking down the length of your foundation wall from each corner. The wall should not lean, curve, or have any bulges; it should be level, both up and down and from side to side.


If you see cracks appearing where walls meet ceilings or near openings such as doors and windows, this could mean that your home’s foundation is deteriorating. Get in touch with a contractor who does foundation repair. For Los Angeles homeowners, Foundation Technology offers 100% free, no-obligation inspections, as well as repairs that come with written and transferrable 25-year warranties.

If you spot any of these signs and need the help of a Los Angeles-based professional foundation repair company to fix it, contact us or call us at (661) 294-1313.


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Helical tieback anchors are used to provide support or reinforcement to foundation walls or structures that have shifted and settled, or failed due changes in the soil. They are also used in tieback construction to support retaining walls, large towers, seawalls, dams and levees.

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