The battle cry of “A true Deplorable” (based on the opinions of just about everyone in America)

Seems every day somebody is complaining about their contractor. Since I am one, I always seem to be the guy they like to complain about the “other guy” to!    On the true list of  deplorable’ s, not the Hillary or  Donald Trump versions, but the true, “personae non gratae” type deplorable that everyone in America despises;  contractors and handymen are right up there with used car salesmen, telemarketers, and snake oil salesmen.  Distrusted, hated, despised, and generally not welcome to your office holiday party.  Since I’m often thrown into that category, I’ve been growing a real complex as of late.

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If you have been watching the news about earthquake preparedness and all the recent seismic activity in California, you’ll quickly realize none of us paid any attention to that old adage about building a home on a solid foundation, because that one surely doesn’t ring true in our neck of the woods.  If you live in Southern California, you know you’re living on shaky ground…

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Retrofitting Your Home with the Help a Foundation Repair Finance Company

The cost of foundation repair could be prohibitive. A typical repair project can set you back up to $14,000. While some forms of home insurance may cover the cost of home repairs, particularly at the foundation, a foundation repair finance company like Foundation Technology can help you get the repair or retrofitting that your house badly needs. This is especially helpful now that certain earthquake models predict that “the next big one” might come soon.<./p>

Many building contractors choose to have themselves accredited by a number of industry organizations. One of the largest contractors’ federations, the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA), operates a clearinghouse that allows customers to search for a construction finance company that suits their needs.

The EGIA GEOSmart Program is not just a clearinghouse; it also accredits contractors based on their company history, their capabilities, and their financial standing. This means that only the most robust contractors with proven track records are in their whitelist. We at Foundation Technolgy are proud to be an authorized GEOSmart Authorized Contractor, and as such, you can rest assured that we follow industry best practices in both financial and operational matters, ensuring that the retrofitting that your foundation repair needs is worth every dollar you spend.

If your home is badly in need of foundation retrofitting or replacement and need a foundation repair finance company that can offer a loan program that allows you to make low monthly payments, give us a call. We offer GEOSmart financing to all our customers, and can offer loan terms of up to 12 years. We also have a Quick & Easy Loan-by-Phone application process to make it more convenient for our customers to get the financing they need.

There is no longer any excuse for putting off foundation retrofitting or replacement. With the help of an EGIA-accredited foundation repair finance company like Foundation Technology, you should be able to get your house protected, helping you breathe easy knowing that your property and loved ones will be safe if disaster strikes. Contact us today!


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Concrete Replacement vs. Concrete Leveling: Which is Better?

Broken, uneven, or sunken concrete slabs need to be fixed as they pose numerous dangers, especially to pedestrians. Concrete replacement and concrete leveling are two methods that are commonly undertaken to correct this structural problem. While both can provide good, long-lasting results, the latter provides more advantages in terms of time, labor, and cost.

Concrete Replacement

As the name suggests, concrete replacement requires partial or complete removal of the broken concrete and then replacing it with a new slab. This technique can be time-consuming, which increases the risk of injury. Since it involves numerous processes, from drilling the concrete and putting up reinforcements to pouring the concrete mix, among others, this method will require more labor and help from machinery.

For projects or public sites that aren’t as sensitive to disturbances, this traditional method is viable, especially if there isn’t a limited amount of time to finish the project. However, these longer jobs must take other factors into consideration. Weather conditions such as rain can extend the project schedule.

Concrete Leveling

On the other hand, leveling the broken or uneven concrete involves fewer steps that involves drilling the concrete, pumping it up with polyurethane foam to level the surface, and finally patching the crack marks. What might normally take weeks for a replacement to accomplish will only take as little as 15 minutes with leveling, depending on the scope of work.

Carrying out leveling work can also be done without a building permit, since it isn’t as disruptive to the public compared to replacement. Concrete leveling is also a preferred option for many because it is cost-effective. While this method offers a quick fix, it doesn’t compromise the quality of the results.

In the end, both concrete replacement and leveling have their own advantages, but contractors and homeowners have more to gain by choosing the latter.

Trust the experts at Foundation Technology for professional concrete leveling or other foundation repair services for your home or business. Contact us today and ask us about our free inspection service.


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A Primer on Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Polyurethane concrete raising combines the technique of slabjacking or mudjacking with the use of eco-friendly materials to correct uneven concrete surfaces. Traditionally, contractors would inject a mixture of soil, cement, or mud into the concrete which would push it from underneath. While this is still done today, We at Foundation Technology have switched to using polyurethane foam because of the benefits that it provides to our clients.

Reasons for Raising Concrete

Concrete surfaces go through natural wear and tear over time. Additionally, they are susceptible to what is known as settlement, or when the foundation of the soil surface dries up, shrinks, or consolidates, thereby creating a void. It’s when the concrete slab settles into this void that it can be prone to cracking or breaking.

What Is Polyurethane Foam?

Polyurethane foam is a high-density material that can expand to fill up spaces and cavities. To repair uneven concrete surfaces, this quality of polyurethane foam is precisely what’s needed to lift uneven concrete slabs back up. Applying this method and material eliminates the need to demolish the concrete slab only to replace it with a new one, which is more costly and definitely more time-consuming.

Benefits of Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Since a complete concrete replacement can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, this raises the risk of injury and inconvenience, especially when performed in a busy area. With the use of polyurethane foam to raise the concrete, however, the sidewalk or foundation slab can be fixed in as fast as a few minutes. This is because polyurethane foam does not need as many holes in the concrete before it can be injected into the void.

Lightweight and environmentally friendly, polyurethane is a popular polymer with numerous commercial and industrial applications. Cost-effective with a speedy installation process, using polyurethane for concrete raising will require the least amount of effort and accomplish the same results from that of concrete replacement in the least amount of time.

If you’re dealing with uneven concrete surfaces on your home or commercial property, contact us to schedule a free inspection, and get a detailed analysis within a day!

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How the Right Foundation Repair Method Can Help Save Your House from Sinking

Los Angeles lies a few miles from the San Andreas fault, which makes it highly susceptible to earthquakes. Because of this, most cities in the area have implemented ordinances that require the inspection and retrofitting of buildings, or foundation repair for those that need it. Non-compliance with the city ordinances can result in fines, or, in the worst violations, the closure of businesses and revocation of business licenses.

Many contractors that perform foundation repair in Los Angeles, however, use methods that do not fully protect against the effects of earthquakes.

For example, standard methods involve the total replacement of damaged foundations with new ones. While a new foundation is meant to be a protective measure against sinking, it does not address groundwater saturation, which occurs after a period of heavy rain. It also does not protect it against the effects of soil liquefaction, which happens when saturated soil is shaken strongly, as in an earthquake. In areas where silt has been deposited, such as the alluvial floodplains formed by the old Los Angeles River, the ground could be unstable and can easily be liquefied if an earthquake is strong enough.

The only sure way to secure your house’s foundation is to connect it directly to the bedrock below it. To do this, helical piers and anchors are screwed in mechanically, up to a certain depth where bedrock can be found. Once the piers have reached the bedrock, steel brackets are mounted to support the foundation, giving it near-permanent stability that bypasses the effects of soft soil.

This method is ideal for soils such as sand, silt, and clay. It is also recommended for housing developments where the ground is usually compacted fill soil from nearby hilltops. The presence of vegetation, particularly larger trees, is also indicative of a prime candidate for this method, as trees put down roots that pull up water from the soil, making it dry out and shrink gradually.

The key to a stable house is a secure foundation. Protecting your foundation by applying the correct method will let you sleep better at night, knowing that you will not see cracks or sinking when you wake up.

For professional foundation repair or retrofitting services in Los Angeles, call the experts. Foundation Technology is a leading foundation repair company that’s backed by an experienced team, and offers in-house financing and a 25-year transferrable warranty to our clients. Contact us today and ask us about our 100% free, no-obligation inspection services.


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A Look at Common Foundation Repair Methods: Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic retrofitting is a foundation repair method that involves the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to the effects of seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure caused by earthquakes. In Los Angeles, a city that’s prone to higher occurrences of seismic activity, there is a city ordinance that mandates property owners to retrofit their homes, regardless of how old or newly-built these are. If they fail to comply, they can be fined stiff penalties while commercial property owners risk being shut down as well.

Some common seismic retrofitting techniques:

Foundation Bolting – This technique aims to strengthen the connection between a structural wood frame and a foundation made of concrete by bolting wood beams from the former into the latter. Doing so can decrease the risk of your home sliding off its foundation during an earthquake.

Helical and Push Piers – Strong steel piers are screwed or driven deep into the ground and then attached to the foundation. Ground movements can weaken or damage foundations, but with helical and push piers to provide additional structural support, your home or building will be stable enough to withstand the effects of the movement.

Cripple Wall Bracing – As the name suggests, this technique braces the cripple wall or short wall typically made of wood that extends from the foundation to the first floor. While the cripple wall provides support to the entire weight of the structure, it is also known to be the weakest and most vulnerable to earthquakes. Generally, the cripple wall is braced with metal to strengthen its connection to the foundation.

If you live in a high-risk area in California, like Los Angeles, contact us to get an inspection done by the leader in foundation repair, done by the most experienced team of experts in the industry. We provide a 100% free, no-obligation inspection service, and provide foundation repair systems for buildings that need to quake-proof their homes.


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DIY vs. Professional Foundation Repair

Foundation repair in Los Angeles is extremely important because the San Andreas Fault goes through California. With that said, when you see cracks or other variations of foundation damage around your home or business, is DIY repair a good idea?

DIY Foundation Repair

Performing DIY repairs may reward homeowners with a certain sense of satisfaction and achievement. However, your inexperience may ultimately erode the very purpose of repairing your home’s foundation, which is to bolster your safety in the event of an earthquake or any other type of seismic movement.

While some kinds of minor repairs can be done on your own, they’re more likely to be limited to improving aesthetics. Having professional repair done will ensure that your overall foundation is in top shape. Foundation repair specialists with enough experience working on properties in Los Angeles know how to do a thorough inspection before undertaking repair works.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to go the DIY route, you should at least make sure you’re following expert advice. This is where professional services can be of additional assistance, as some offer site inspections free of charge.

Professional Foundation Repair

Foundation damage typically goes beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Aside from free inspections, another benefit that comes with enlisting the help of a professional is gaining long-lasting results that solve underlying problems.

Professionals have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment to do repair jobs faster—and more efficiently. They also have the necessary tools and resources to carry out their work and in the least invasive way possible.

Lastly, hiring a professional allows you to benefit from the highest level of protection against more serious and costly foundation damage in the future. As the leader in foundation repair, concrete lifting, seismic retrofitting, and structural support and anchoring systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications in Los Angeles, California, Foundation Technology is familiar with the nuances and technicalities of the state’s building regulations, and can make sure that your property is safe and up to spec.

If you spot any signs of foundation damage, contact us and see how we can help ensure your safety, as well as that of your property.


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Signs That Your Home in Los Angeles Needs Foundation Repair

When the integrity of a home’s foundation gets compromised, the structure’s overall value is affected as well. Without professional foundation repair, the symptoms of foundation damage will only grow worse and may even threaten the safety of the building’s inhabitants.

Places with warm climates such as Los Angeles typically experience periods of prolonged dryness, causing the soil around some homes to shift or drop. This results in foundation issues that can develop into serious problems over time.

Foundation Technology specializes in foundation repair in Los Angeles, and can recognize the early signs of foundation damage listed below. It’s important to recognize and fix these signs right away, so that future problems that could cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars can be prevented.

Windows and doors that jam or fail to latch

It’s normal for houses to “settle”, but this shouldn’t cause any drastic changes in your home. However, if you notice gaps below doors and window sills, or if it becomes extremely difficult to open and close doors and windows that used to function properly, have your house checked by a professional. Also, see if your doors are starting to drag and leave scratches on your floor; this could be an early symptom of foundation damage.

Unleveled floors and walls

Indoors, unleveled floors are most easily seen in the bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. If you see that the floor underneath you is sloping, have your home’s foundation checked immediately. Moving outside, identify problems by looking down the length of your foundation wall from each corner. The wall should not lean, curve, or have any bulges; it should be level, both up and down and from side to side.


If you see cracks appearing where walls meet ceilings or near openings such as doors and windows, this could mean that your home’s foundation is deteriorating. Get in touch with a contractor who does foundation repair. For Los Angeles homeowners, Foundation Technology offers 100% free, no-obligation inspections, as well as repairs that come with written and transferrable 25-year warranties.

If you spot any of these signs and need the help of a Los Angeles-based professional foundation repair company to fix it, contact us or call us at (661) 294-1313.


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Things to Consider When Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

Although early signs of foundation damage are easy to spot, finding a reliable company that offers quality foundation repair in Los Angeles can be challenging. Because the city’s consumer protection agencies receive a fair amount of complaints about dishonest providers, it helps to look out for the following qualities in a contractor:


Unfortunately, there are companies that will gladly take your money for unnecessary fixes. All homes settle and adjust, and small cracks may appear on your home’s foundation over time. However, having minor cracks doesn’t mean that repairs are immediately necessary, and contractors are supposed to know this. To avoid unnecessary costs, it helps to find a foundation repair company that offers a free, no-obligation initial inspection. You can also seek a second opinion or do your own research first.


When it comes to fixing home foundations, experience counts. This is why hiring a contractor based on price alone is not a wise strategy. Everyone wants value for money, but your contractor also needs to be able to fix the problem and be around long enough to back whatever warranties come with the services.

Licensed and Insured

Hiring a company that is licensed and insured to provide foundation repair in Los Angeles can mean the difference between quality service and a home improvement nightmare. As a homeowner, it can guarantee your satisfaction and ensure that the contractor meets the minimum qualifications needed to complete the job. Before hiring anyone, be sure to check with your state or city’s licensing board first.


Most companies will offer warranties that will cover you for workmanship and parts, but not all will offer financing, as well as installations that come with a written, transferable 25-year foundation repair warranty.

Foundation Technology is the leader in foundation repair, concrete lifting, seismic retrofitting, as well as structural support and anchoring systems for residential and commercial customers in Los Angeles, California. If you suspect that your home or business facility requires foundation repair, contact us or call us at (661) 294-1313 to speak to one of our foundation experts today.


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