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Our specialty is the repair and restoration of any type of foundation support or concrete structure for roadway, bridgework, industrial machinery, commercial and residential buildings, due to movement or failure from seismic activity, erosion, water, drought, and the preventative repair or modification to the foundation support structure to increase structural rigidity or load capacity of structures to withstand failures from seismic, water, drought and increase load capacity from additions or modification.

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Foundation/Structural Support-Repair & Leveling

  • Machinery/Equipment Platform Repair

Polyurethane Concrete Raising-Restoration

  • Airport Runway Leveling/Raising/Restoration

Geo-technical Construction

  • Soil Stabilization
  • Chemical/ Cement Grouting Caissons/Grade Beams

Hillside Stabilization

  • Erosion Control/Soil Nails/Erosion Mats

Structural Evaluation/Repair/Restoration

  • Commercial/Industrial/Tilt-up/Residential Seismic Retrofitting- Moment Frames/Bolting Structural Engineering Repair Design Concrete resurfacing/Repair
  • Post Tension/Structural Beam Repair


  • Below Grade De-watering
  • Injection Waterproofing
  • Grout Curtains


238110     Concrete Repair, Restoration Foundation Repair-leveling Foundation Raising

238190     Soil Stabilization, Epoxy injection Urethane slab jacking

236220     Commercial & Institutional building restoration

238910     Site preparation contractors, Cementitious grouting, chemical grouting

237310     Airport Runway Repair

238390    Other Building Finishes – Waterproofing Contractors

541618     Construction Management Consulting


Company Information

Foundation Tech, Inc. d.b.a.

Foundation Construction Technology, Inc. Foundation Technology

25217 Anza Drive Santa Clarita, CA 91355 CSLB 991221 Gen “B” Contractor C61/D30 Pile Driving/Pressure Foundation



DUNNS # CAGECODE # 052191816


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