We deliver expert solutions to hinder or stop the corrosion caused by excess water and chemical often used in dairy, food and beverage processing.
Agricultural, food, and beverage processing often use large quantities of water. When it comes to cleanliness, water is our best friend, and unfortunately, our worst enemy. Water corrodes any concrete and steel that is not completely protected, which can in turn damage your facility and contaminate your products. The structural integrity of foundation supports, underlying soil stability, concrete degradation, and general corrosion of concrete agriculture constructions are all at risk. Effective corrosion protection of all elements that keep your operation running at peak performance is key to any maintenance and/or rehabilitation project.

Corrosion caused by water and chemicals can both contaminate your products and make the growing conditions of your farms much weaker. By taking preventative action, we can minimize these issues as much as possible and ensure you’re able to run your facilities without worry. Furthermore, we’ll be able to rehabilitate your facility’s foundation and supports to prevent costly repairs in the future.




Concrete Corrosion predictability testing

Structural Concrete Assessment

Foundation Assessment/Settlement

Concrete Corrosion protection

Concrete rehabilitation

Structural Concrete Repair


Soil Stabilization

Foundation Repair

Slab Settlement Repairs

Slab Rocking/ Spalling

Machinery/Equipment Supports

Learn more about our agriculture foundation repair services and what they can do for food and beverage constructions by giving us a call today! We have years of expertise in rehabilitating and protecting foundation installations made from various materials, and we know how to best restore and protect your facilities so that future issues are minimized as much as possible.
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