Preventative maintenance is so important, and so many people just neglect it. Typically, people will react after the failure, when they already have a problem.Amazingly, they knew it would happen all along.
Structural component and/or foundation walls, footings, and basements are the single most neglected maintenance pad of a commercial building or structure today They are rarely, or never inspected, until the issue has metastasized into a serious problem, that usually cost well into six figure repair or rehabilitation projects, that dot* area solve the problem completely.

Our structural repair team all know water inspection and waterproofing maintenance regiments are not considered an important component in 95% of building or property managers.

Foundation Technology recommends inspecting concrete at least one every tire years, for water and potential clacking or damage due to manmade or environmental influences. In high traffic or underground structures, inspections should be performed eve, other year.

Foundation maintenance and repair can be designed to not only prolong the life of the concrete, but also guard against the effects of excess wear, and mother nature.
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Concrete and structural maintenance programs can include one or any of the following services.

Maintenance Inspections

Crack Inspections

Corrosion Mapping

Vibration/Crack Monitoring

Settlement Monitoring

Structural Risk Assessment

Pressure Washing/Cleaning

Positive/Negative Waterproofing

Corrosion Protection


High wear coatings

100% Water containment coatings

A case Study of Failure
Our goal at Foundation Technology, is to eliminate the water and the corrosive effects it can cause to your structure.

Unfortunately waterproofing failures are often overlooked until damage has become extensive. Design professionals tend to hear less about them until many years after the corrosive damage has begun its process.

Effective and permeant solutions may require multiple visits to determine and eliminate all water intrusion sources. This may also require a combination of systems, including injection through floors/walls , topical or saturation coatings, and even water extraction pumps and Educator wells.
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