Crack Injection

Concrete Crack Injection

Concrete Crack Injection is the preferred repair method for both cracks in horizontal concrete foundations, and vertical concrete surfaces. It also is used to eliminate moisture intrusion in cracks left from other foundation repairs.  Crack injection is not a foundation repair alternative.

If the cracking is caused by foundation settlement, it’s important to repair the foundation prior to crack injection. This will minimize additional movement and prevent further damage. Crack injection utilized in conjunction with other foundation settlement repair solutions is the absolute highest level of protection against future movement and failure.

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How it Works

The process involves injecting a, “Glue” of 2-part epoxy to connect and seal the cracked slab or wall. In some cases, additional pinning or connectors are placed across the crack before the epoxy injection to help stabilize any future movement.

Save Money by Addressing Cracks Now

If left untreated, foundation cracks will only grow larger over time. One crack will lead to another until the integrity of your structure is completely compromised. Foundation Technology specializes in diagnosing and repairing any type of concrete crack issue.

Horizontal Foundations

-Basement Walls

-Hillside Walls

-Retaining Walls

-Sides of Buildings

Vertical Surfaces



-Basement Floors

-Support Columns

-Garage Floors

-Cement Patios