Crawl Space Joist Supports

Crawl Space Repair

If your crawl space is starting to collapse, and your floors are sagging or leaning, the crawl space joist support is the answer. It’s an adjustable steel pier placed in a crawl space, between the ground and floor beams or joists for support. The bottom end of the pier is connected to a precast concrete footing and the top end is connected to the floor beams or joists.

This support system can help correct crawl space issues caused by inadequate structural design, weak foundation soils, or rotting beams and floor joists. With an adjustable, high-strength steel design, crawl space joist supports offer the fastest, most affordable way to stabilize a collapsing crawl space or lift sagging floors back to their original, level position. They are also a very effective solution for seismic retrofitting.

Advantages of Crawl Space Joist Supports

• Install in the tightest conditions where height or access is limited
• Minimal disturbance to the crawlspace and home
• Adjustable support to re-level if damage worsens
• Avoid messy concrete and long curing times
• Very fast … complete stabilization is immediate
• Engineered footing effectively transfers load to existing soils
• Long lasting… system is galvanized for corrosion resistance
• Supports vertical loads exceeding 60,000 lbs.
• Secures safety and alleviates worry
• Restores property and sale value

6 Quick Installation Steps

Step 1.
We excavate the hole and then prepare the footing base with engineered fill.

Step 2.
The precast footing is then set in place and leveled.

Step 3.
Galvanized steel pier is cut to the appropriate length.

Step 4.
The steel column and components are assembled and then connected to the beam and floor joists.

Step 5.
The Joist Support is tightened into place, stabilizing the beams and potentially lifting the above floors and walls back to level.

Step 6.
This System can be installed in combination with a crawl space liner as well.