Foundation Repair Solutions

Here at Foundation Technology, we provide several types of foundation repair solutions so that no matter what scenario you have on your hands, we can get your foundation back to a safe integrity. Threats to your foundation can be blatantly obvious like earthquakes, but they can also be subtle factors such as micro changes in the earth around your foundation. This is called foundation settlement, and it typically happens over time when the composition of the earth around your foundation is changed or otherwise compromised. A telltale sign of this is the appearance of cracks in the walls or floor of your foundation. No matter how minor these cracks may seem, it is imperative that at a minimum you get them inspected. When a structural flaw like this is left unattended, it can lead to the entire supporting structure of your home being compromised. That in turn can make your home unfit to live in or may require thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair.

We want to ensure that our customers’ homes are seismic activity certified and that any flaws they have are corrected as soon as possible. We have a rigorous consultation process that will diagnose what caused the damage to your foundation and what foundation repair solution is best to counteract it. Whether we tackle the job through full-blown seismic retrofitting or a simple crack injection, we are here to do it all.

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Our other foundation repair solutions range anywhere from a mass pour to micro piles, or even polyurethane geotechnical foam injections. A mass pour is typically suited for clients who live on hillsides that are deteriorating and causing your foundation to be unstable. Thus, we effectively build a cylinder of steel or concrete around your foundation to provide support strengthening and protection against seismic activity. Otherwise, our micro piles and foam injection work off the same basis of inputting some format of material into the base or below your foundation that will then increase the support potential for your entire structure. Each one has its uses and advantages, and during the consultation process, we will inform you of the best possible outcome and which solution will lead us there.

Get your consultation process started today by giving us a call to discuss which foundation repair services are best for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions ahead of time because we are more than happy to help.