Finding & Monitoring Foundation Cracks

Although it seems they suddenly appear, usually foundation wall cracks are not detected until long after they’ve formed. They’re commonly found at the weakest points, including corners, edges of basement window frames, holes for service, concrete cold joints, long spans of wall, pipe penetrations, and along the tie rods in the foundation. Once a crack is found it’s important to have it assessed by a professional foundation engineer or specialist as it could potentially be a serious problem.

Continue to monitor the crack and if it moves, spreads, or widens, then your walls may be experiencing increased fatigue which will increase the damage and deepen the problem. Keep an eye on the length of the crack by using a pencil to mark the ends. You will want to draw several “alignment” marks along the crack as well to check if the the edges of the crack are shifting unevenly. A final tip is to date the marks to record the rate of deterioration.

Foundation Wall Cracks