Foundation Repair Overview

When a structure is being built, whether residential or commercial, the foundation must fall within the appropriate tolerances, per universal building codes, (UBC) to pass an initial inspection. This means the architect and structural engineer must determine the specific requirements for the type of foundation before a build. These requirements will depend on the type, weight, and location of the structure being built.

Types of Residential Foundations

• Post/pier raised foundation
• Parapet wall foundations
• Monolithic slab on grade foundations
• Floating slab on grade foundation
• Driven pier foundations raided platform
• Rubble perimeter foundations with beam/girder support
• Manufactured home adjustable jack foundations

Similar to how each foundation is unique depending on it’s requirements, the same principle applies to the variety of foundation problems.

Causes of Foundation Problems

• Expansion in the soils surrounding your home or building
• Poor maintenance of the earth around the foundation
• The flaws of imperfect construction
• Flooding of land around your home or building
• Improperly compacted fill soils
• Deteriorating or inadequate supports
• The weight of your house bearing down on the foundation

At Foundation Technology, our foundation repair methods which include, helical piers, polyurethane foam, and crawl space jacks, are the fastest, least disruptive, and most Eco-friendly solutions in the industry. And they work on any type of foundation, regardless the cause of damage. We encourage you to call (661) 294-1313 for a one-on-one foundation repair overview with one of our experts today!

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So regardless of your foundation issues, we’re able to recommend the perfect solution for repair that meets your needs and budget. With this approach you can have peace of mind, knowing that your greatest investment is once again, safe, secure and fully usable.