How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost

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Often times I’m asked, “How much does foundation repair cost?” My general answer is, “a lot more, later, if you don’t fix it now!” You see, the question is ambiguous and unclear. “How much will MY foundation repair cost?” is only determined after a thorough investigation and determination of the causes and the solutions to either stop the movement and/or return your foundation to its original elevation and structural integrity.

The typical cost for Foundation Repair ranges from $10,00 to $20,000

In many cases, the costs of foundation repair are associated with the type of repair rather than the damage itself. Although they can be on the lower end of costs, the traditional methods of “jacking and replacing” a failed foundation are often repeated more than once. This is because the the actual causes of the damage are rarely addressed. The quick, cheap fix of adding a few “wood blocks and rocks” is like putting a band-aide on a broken leg. It may cover the scratch, but your leg, (foundation) will never be the same.
The good news is that Foundation Technology repairs foundations with the most cost effective solution available. So… what does our method, of foundation repair cost? First you need to know what we do to fix your problem before you know the cost associated with the repair. Depending on the cause and repair method, we may install a helical pier or a push pier to support and lift the failed sections of your foundation.

Helical Piers

Push Piers

We first provide a thorough investigation, which includes measuring your elevation differences, a soils reports, as well as a physical inspection of your foundation. We then provide a guaranteed repair solution which includes the placement of piers pushed or twisted into the ground below your foundation to support and lift the failing sections.
Typical installation costs are between $1,100 and $3,000 per pier. One pier can support up to 75,000 pounds, which is more than enough to support one side of your house, but typically 5-7 piers are installed on most repairs to ensure complete structural integrity of your foundation. And with Foundation Technology, this repair procedure is guaranteed for 25 years. It absolutely stops any future movement and cost associated with future foundation repairs.
In the past, we’ve provided other methods of repair which cost only a few hundred dollars to permanently fix the problem. Conversely we have completed repairs for $80,000.00 and higher. It just depends on the cause of the foundation damage and your desired outcome.