Protocol For Determining Required Retrofit Of Earthquake Damaged Buildings

Earthquakes are a reality and they can happen anytime. Did you know?

 Is there Substantial Structural Damage?

Part 2 of the definition of Substantial Structural Damage for “All Other Buildings” needs to be used for a timber building. The report concluded the damaged walls constitutes more than 20% of the pre-damaged condition of the lateral force resisting system in the first story. Therefore, the damage to the building is Substantial Structural Damage.

 Is retrofit required?

As per LABC Section 3405.2.2 repairs shall be done to restore the building to the pre-damaged status.  Strengthening beyond the current Code is not required.

 What design criteria may be used for repairs?

Repairs are permitted to restore the building to its pre-damage state, using material properties and design strengths applicable at the time of the original construction. All new structural members, connections and detailing used for this repair shall comply with provisions of this Code for new buildings of similar structure, purpose and location.

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