Gerdau Rebar Transport Case Study

Published by   Foundation Technology was contacted to provide repair solutions for an integral piece of machinery at their Rancho Cucamonga foundry, which was settling due to poor soil conditions, vibration, and the extreme high weight of the machine itself. Foundation Technology Delivered Amazing Results The complete project took six days, start to finish, and was completed during a bi-annual plant maintenance shut down, thereby minimizing production issues. Maintenance and engineering from Gerdau were quite amazed and pleased with the speed and proficiency in which the job was completed. The machine pedestal is level, and initial reaction is positive to the reduction in vibration around the shear operation from the HMI polyurethane foam injection. Costs associated with this project versus the previous lift and level repair, are less than sealing the access holes 30%, offering even more total project satisfaction. To learn more about Foundation Technology and the services we offer ┬ácall: 855.650.2211 Click the below to PDF link Gerdau Rebar Transport Case Study