Getting a Foundation Inspection

Conditions that cause foundation damage aren’t usually obvious. It’s a common mistake to treat the symptom such as filling in a cracked slab, instead of addressing the soil or construction details that caused the damage.

Quick fixes are short-lived and actually worsen the problem. If you see the following problems we recommend you call (855) 650-2211 today to schedule a free, no obligation foundation inspection.

  • Horizontal or stair-step cracks along walls
  • Inward bowing, tilting or bulging along walls
  • Uneven, sinking or bouncy floors above a crawl space
  • Leaning basement walls
  • Cracks along windows & door openings
  • Seeping water or dirt in basement
  • Tilting or cracked chimneys
  • Concrete slabs that have cracked and shifted (garage, sidewalk, patio)
  • Warping of hardwood or uneven wear marks in carpet
  • Floor tiles lifting or cracking
  • Standing water around perimeter of home
  • Cracked brick on a building exterior
  • Sunken or shifted exterior precast stairway
  • Damaged retaining wall

Our structural engineers have evaluated and repaired thousands of damaged foundations throughout the South West. After your free expert inspection. we’ll explain the soil and structural details that caused the problem, and recommend a cost-effective permanent solution.

With Foundation Technology you can avoid expensive and disruptive repairs such as demolishing and replacing foundation elements. We use engineered, high-quality products such as helical piers and anchors, and polyurethane foam to return settled and shifted slabs and walls to their proper orientation with almost no interruption of your daily life!

Foundation Inspection Do’s & Don’ts

  • Schedule a foundation inspection if you see a possible problem with your foundation.
  • Have your inspection performed by a foundation repair specialist.
  • Take note of changes in your foundation that take place over time such as cracks that change in size.
  • Prepare for an inspection by clearing the damaged area to provide full access for the inspector.
  • Ignore a foundation problem until it goes away. It won’t.
  • Have a general contractor evaluate a structural problem with your foundation.
  • Expect a cosmetic repair such as crack sealing to permanently solve a structural problem with your foundation.
  • Assume that a damaged foundation must be demolished and rebuilt. Affordable, non-destructive repairs are often possible.

Get Started Today

You can rely on the expertise of a Foundation Technology, expert to determine if you have foundation damage, and if so, recommend the best course of action.