Global Warming and Your Beachfront Property

The effects of global warming are already upon us. Regardless of the cause, the effects are quite apparent to those who live on or near the shoreline. As an owner of beachfront property, I am assuming you are acutely aware of the potential damage or loss to your property due to high surf and the battering waves they bring. I also assume you have spent substantial amounts of money in often futile attempts to protect you beachfront investment from the impending waves and erosion. I imagine most have failed or offered little protection. Why do I know this?

Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is S. G. “Jerry” Bronstrup.

I am the owner of Foundation Technology, a foundation repair company specializing in engineered solutions for the repair of residential and commercial foundations. We are experts at repairing foundations that fail due to erosion, settlement and the corrosive effects of the sea. I’ve spent considerable time along the California coast looking at the effects of the encroaching sea on beach front properties and have come to the following conclusion.

And bluntly; if you own a home along the Malibu beachfront, especially in the Malibu Colony, your foundation is in trouble. Concrete, wood, or steel pilings are no match for what the advancing sea has in store for your property.
In the past year, I personally visited and inspected six properties along the Malibu shoreline, all experiencing a high level of failure due to erosion, corrosion, and wave battering. While not every property was constructed the same, the common failure was the method in which most if not all structures were connected to the earth.

Simply put, the foundations of every property I inspected in Malibu showed signs of substantial failure.
In each case, I spent considerable time researching repair solutions that would mitigate the damage from pounding surf and the corrosive effect of sea water on wood, concrete, and steel structures that were evident on every single foundation I visited.

The level of ongoing corrosion and damage I found will cause catastrophic failure.

In fact, during a recent inspection after a rather high sea, the failure was indeed substantial enough to cause the foundation to be “scoured” away, and the support timbers for the second story to settle and cause substantial damage to the house.

The common cause; a combination of corrosion, erosion, and “scour” (the effects of tidal swell on pillars and/or caissons), is setting you up for an expensive repair. We’ve already seen the effect of ‘not’ doing anything. And we have also been witness to the failures of inferior repair procedures. Just take a look here!

Another contractor attempted to stop the onslaught of the waves as they pounded this beachfront home on PCH. You can see the results of their failure behind the seawall. Doesn’t seem like much until you realize what is above.

That’s the bottom of the swimming pool, completely exposed. A total loss!

The property owner decided not to utilize our services and instead hired a handyman to solve his problems. The resulting damage cost the property owner well over $100,000 to repair the damage….and they still didn’t repair the seawall or the real problem.

Engineered Repair and Renovation Services that are guaranteed to give you the best defense against Mother Nature.

Nobody can guarantee with certainty that the construction or renovation of you properties foundation or seawall will hold up against what Mother Nature can throw at you. But you can be certain that when you hire.