Glossary of Terms for Spray Polyurethane Foam Industry

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Polyurethane Foam

There is a technical committee who strives to make most terms within the foundation building and repair industry universal. This team looks at Polyurethane Foam  in particular and came up with a list of technical service to the Spray Polyurethane. A Sneak Peak of  the Glossary: A-SIDE: (A-Component) One component of a two component system. For polyurethane foam and coat-ings the isocyanate component. (See ISOCYANATE) ABAA: See Air Barrier Association of America. ABSOLUTE HUMIDITY: The actual concentration of water vapor in air. May be expressed in units of kPa, grains of moisture per pound of dry air, pounds of moisture per pound of dry air, or as a partial pressure as inches of mercury (in. Hg). AC-377 / ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA 377: The standard to which a specific formulation of SPF is evaluated by ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Service) in order to issue an Evaluation Report which de-scribes the foam’s compliance with building code requirements. ACCELERATOR: A chemical additive to coating or polyurethane foam systems used in relatively small amounts to increase the speed of the reaction or decrease the time required to cure or dry. ACRYLIC COATING: A coating system based on an acrylic resin. Generally, a “water based” coating For a better understanding of this glossary, kindly download the below PDF link to a full review of the Glossary: Download – Terms for Spray Polyurethane Foam
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FM GLOBAL: Formerly Factory Mutual or FM. A U.S.-based insurance company that specializes in loss prevention services. The company employs a business model which determines risk and premiums through engineering analysis as opposed to historically based calculations. (See also: FM APPROVALS.) FMRC: Factory Mutual Research Corporation. A part of FM. FOAM STOP: The roof edge treatment upon which polyurethane foam is terminated. FREEZE THAW CYCLE: The freezing and subsequent thawing of material. FRIABILITY: The tendency of a material or product to crumble or break into small pieces easily. FROTH PACK: Pressurized containers of polyurethane foam components. POLYMERIC MDI (p-MDI): Isocyanate compounds wherein the molecules contain more than two func-tional -NCO groups. See also: METHYLENE DIPHENYL DIISOCYANTE. POLYOL: A high weight molecule that contains hydroxyl groups (-OH), typically at the terminal position on the molecular chain. Polyol is a primary ingredient in the B-side, or resin, of the two-component polyure-thane system. After reaction with MDI (A-side), the polyol becomes part of the polyurethane polymer. POLYURETHANES: Polyol and MDI react to form polyurethane. When this reaction occurs multiple times a polyurethane molecule is created. Many end-use products are created using polyurethane chemistry, in-cluding: rigid and flexible foams, rigid or flexible coatings, elastomers, structural materials, etc. (See also AROMATIC, ALIPHATIC, ISOCYANATE, POLYOL, and RESIN) POLYURETHANE COATINGS: A one or two part coating that contains polyisocyanate monomer and a hy-droxyl containing resin, which react during cure to form a polyurethane elastomer. PONDING: The accumulation of water in low-lying areas that exceeds the manufacturer’s specification and/or contract documents. (See POSITIVE DRAINAGE)