Helical Deck Piers

In addition to supporting homes, buildings and other large structures, helical piers also provide a strong, fast foundation for decks, porches, and sun-rooms among other smaller structures. Our helical deck support system was designed to accept standard steel support brackets for 4×4 or 6×6 posts. Installations can be completed year-round, and only take 1-3 days depending on the size of the job. In addition to not having to wait for concrete to cure, there are many other common frustrations that can be avoided with helical deck piers.

Install in any Weather

Unlike the standard concrete practice where holes can’t be dug and piers can’t be poured in rainy or freezing conditions, our helical deck piers can be installed in any weather.

Fast Installation

When the concrete is still wet, the post base hardware must be carefully placed in the top of the pier. Construction is delayed while the concrete hardens rather than immediate support of steel piers.

Avoid the Headache

One of the worst frustrations of the standard practice is when the concrete pier is mistakenly installed off the layout grid. It’s a complete waste of a significant amount of time and money.

The Ideal Solution

Whether you’re building a new structure or have an existing structure that is settling, helical deck piers are the ideal solution for providing long-term stabilization.


• Decks
• Sunrooms
• Porches
• Sheds
• Pavilions
• Storage buildings
• Cottages
• Mobile Homes
• Elevated walkways
• Pergolas

No Excavation. No Mess. No Waiting.

In addition to offering the utmost strength and stability, helical deck piers offer many other benefits over traditional concrete footings.

For one, they are installed deeper than concrete footings, making them less susceptible to changing moisture content in the soil. Another would be the portable equipment used to install. There is almost no disturbance to the lawn and landscaping and they can be installed in tight access areas.

When builders find out about our helical deck piers, they soon become huge fans of this construction method. No digging is required, and if a pier is installed in the wrong location, it can simply be unscrewed and reinstalled. The need for concrete is eliminated, and there’s no construction delay. Wood posts can be installed atop piers as soon as the piers are in place. These piers are also made with a factory-applied, corrosion-resistant coating, which guarantees them to last for the life of the structure they’re supporting.

Helical Deck Pier Advantages

• Year-round installation bearing piers below frost
• Portable equipment with minimal site disturbance
• Galvanized steel resists corrosion giving long lifespan
• Clean installation without the need for messy concrete

Helical Deck Pier Installation

Step 1. We determine and mark the pier locations

Step 2. Piers are then advanced deep into the soil

Step 3. A deck post bracket is connected to the pier

Step 4. The deck posts are attached to the bracket and construction continues without a delay.

Step 5. Structure is built and piers provide long-term stability.

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