Helical Pier System

When it comes to repairing a damaged foundation, helical piers are the fastest, and most cost-effective solution. When foundation settlement problems occur, it’s typically caused by changing soil conditions beneath and around your home. Soils that dry and shrink, become wet and soften, or poorly compacted fill-soils can result in your home to shifting, sinking and settling down into the earth. If you notice one or more of the below signs, it’s probable your structure is showing damage from settlement that helical piers may be able to solve.

The Common Signs of Foundation Settlement

• Tilting or cracked chimneys
• Horizontal or stair-step cracks along walls
• Leaning, bowing or bulging walls
• Uneven, sinking or bouncy floors above a crawl space
• Doors and windows that won’t shut/open
• Cracks along windows & door openings
• Seeping water or dirt in basement
• Tilting or cracked chimneys
• Concrete slabs that have cracked and shifted (garage, sidewalk, patio)
• Warping of hardwood or uneven wear marks in carpet
• Floor tiles lifting or cracking
• Standing water around perimeter of home
• Cracked brick on a building exterior
• Sunken or shifted exterior precast stairway

How Helical Piers Work

A helical pier is basically a giant screw that is driven deep into the earth until load-bearing strata or bedrock is reached. Once competent soils are reached, the top of the pier is attached to the footings of the foundation with steel brackets for support. This not only offers permanent stabilization but also the ability to raise and level your foundation back to it’s original position. Helical piers can also support or anchor other structures such as docks, light poles, sheds, bridges, porches, solar turbines and much more.

4 Step Helical Pier Installation

Step 1.
We expose the footing and prepare it for the bracket.

Step 2.
The round-shaft helical piers are mechanically advanced into the soil.

Step 3.
The foundation Bracket is secured to the footing.

Step 4.
The weight of the home is transferred through the piers, into the load bearing strata. The home is lifted back to level if possible.

Repair… Don’t Replace

Often times, contractors will suggest the traditional method of replacing a damaged foundation which actually adds extra weight to the soil, which makes the problem even worse. Other solutions are unable to reach the appropriate depths to advance beyond the problem soils. This leaves your home supported by the same unstable soils as before. In contrary, the helical pier system is able to extend beyond the problem soils to transfer the entire weight of your home onto competent load-bearing strata or bedrock. This is the only solution that can permanently stabilize and support your foundation.

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At Foundation Technology, we can permanently repair your damaged foundation and restore your home or building’s structural integrity with the use of helical piers.