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Your walls are cracking, the floors are sinking or sagging. Half the doors and windows won’t close anymore, and it feels like you are walking in a “fun- house”

Foundation problems don't go away. Left unchecked, problems like these eventually can cause serious structural damage to your home.

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Foundation technology will provide a comprehensive detailed analysis of the foundation problems and the cause or multiple causes behind the symptoms.

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THE HARD FACTS about Residential Foundations

Most foundations move; constantly, and most foundations aren't even level. Per Universal building codes, (UBC), there are tolerances that a foundation must fall within to pass the original inspection at time of build.  Depending on the type, load, and location of a structure will determine the type of foundation requirement specified by the architect and structural engineer.   Not all foundations are alike, not all soils are alike.

The same foundation type may not always be constructed for the same load, (the weight of the structure built).  Likewise not all foundation problems are alike either.  Settlement or movement by erosion, grading, expansive soils, or catastrophic event, all cause different problems for each type of foundation your home or structure is built upon.  Unfortunately, foundation problems that are the result of a changes that occur in the soils supporting your home don't get better with time - they only get worse!  If you have any of these symptoms there is a very good chance you have a foundation problem.

I thought my foundation was going. There were cracks all along the exterior of wall of my home that faces west. Jerry from Foundation Technology came out to inspect my property. The fact that the inspection was free made things much less stressful. I knew it wouldn't cost me anything to at least get an answer to what was wrong. 

It turned out I didn't have foundation damage. The cracks were just a sign of the wall aging. Although I didn't need the work now, I would definitely hire Foundation Technology if I end up having foundation damage into the future. Jerry was very professional, friendly, thorough, and honest.


Jim M. 



What two of our many customers say:

Justin was great, very professional , he knew what he was doing. He was well organized, the project appeared to have been thoroughly planned out. Once Justin and his crew arrived, they immediately went to work. His crew was very professional, friendly and thorough as well. 

I really appreciate the fact that all through the process they cleaned up or put back whatever they moved or changed. In addition they replaced the step which was broken in the process of digging up the dirt which I really needed. Once completed I felt that the foundation work was sound and I believe my house is and will be secure.

Thanks very much and tell Justin and the guys, ‘Great Job’. I appreciate it!


Janice M.





Remember, visible symptoms are only the beginning of your homes  foundation woes.  Foundation problems don't go away.  Left unchecked,  problems like these eventually can cause serious  structural damage to your home.

Foundation Technology provides proven engineered alternative repair solutions, backed by a 25 year manufacturer warranty against defects, ensuring you the best possible repair for your House’s foundation problems. All work is completed by our uniformed, fully trained employee technicians, guaranteeing your home is in good hands.

If you have any of these symptoms, this may be the beginning of serious foundation problems.

Foundation Technology Repair Solutions

Helical & Push Resistance Piers

Crawlspace Jacks

Polyurethane foam slab lifting


Hillside stabilization

Chemical Pressure Grouting

Erosion Control Mats


Soil Modification

New Foundation Construction

Foundation Stabilization

Seismic Retrofitting

Soft Story Retrofitting

Slab on Grade Foundations

Post Tension Slab Repairs

Raised Foundations

Hillside Homes

Beachfront/Waterfront Properties

Retaining Wall Failures

Swimming Pools/Decks/Patios/Walkways

Basement waterproofing

Below Grade Waterproofing

Dewatering/French Drains/Water Control

Excess Moisture Conditions

New Foundation Construction

Earthquake Structural Inspections