Mistakes To Avoid When Repairing Your Home’s Foundation

Mistakes To Avoid When Repairing Your Home’s Foundation

The foundation is one of the most crucial elements of your home. When it’s damaged, you want it fixed the right way. But when it comes time to repair your home’s foundation, homeowners tend to consistently make a few crucial mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Ignoring the Root of the Problem

If your foundation is covered in cracks or your door frames are separating, you likely have a larger issue on your hands. While you can patch the cracks and jostle the frames back into place, this is the equivalent of slapping a Band-Aid on a gushing wound. It will make the problem disappear for a while, but before long, it will rear its head again. To fix your foundation problems permanently, you need to get to the root of the issue. For example, cracks and separating frames are common symptoms of settlement, which take more than an epoxy-coated brush to resolve.

Waiting Until the Damage is Severe

Another common mistake to avoid when repairing your home’s foundation is waiting too long to act. Many homeowners put off foundation repair. It can be costly, after all, and there’s an underlying hope that if you ignore the problem, it’ll go away. Sadly, foundation issues rarely go away on their own, and they get harder and costlier to fix as time goes on. If you notice symptoms of foundation issues, you should call a professional to inspect your property right away. The sooner you start the repair process, the better you can limit damage and cost.

Not Hiring a Professional

Your foundation is the base of your home, and you want the base of your home to be strong and sturdy. For this reason, you should avoid going the DIY route for foundation repair. Foundation repair is complex. It takes years of studying and training to do it properly. A beginner is bound to make mistakes, which can be devastating. One small error can result in severe damage to your home or, at the least, cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to remedy.

Don’t take risks with your foundation. Instead, call in a professional repair company like Foundation Tech. We understand the symptoms of foundation problems and know how to fix them. We’ll inspect your foundation, discover the root of the problem, and work with you to find an affordable, permanent solution. Whether your foundation needs polyfoam concrete leveling or another method to get it back in shape, we can assist.