How to Protect your Business from an Earthquake in California

Earthquakes are a fact of life in California. As a business owner, you have an extra responsibility to protect your employees and your business from the dangers that can occur during an earthquake. The best way to accomplish this is by taking precautions before an earthquake ever strikes.

What to do before an earthquake strikes

In addition to having a contingency plan for what your employees should do during a quake, you should also perform an audit of your building and its facilities to ensure they can withstand the quake itself. Depending on the age of your building, or when it was built, it may be at a greater risk to incur damage during an earthquake. FEMA recommends reaching out to your local building-regulatory agency to find out whether, and for how long, structures in your area have been subject to building codes containing seismic design provisions.

After talking to your local building-regulatory agency, you’ll be better prepared to make the necessary updates needed to protect your business from an earthquake. And these updates could be as simple as securing the contents in your building. For example, it could require you to restrain desktop computers or ensure bookcases, filing cabinets, pictures and other heavy objects are properly attached to the wall. On the other hand, these updates could also mean a complete seismic retrofit to protect your building from a structural collapse.

LA Mayor Garcetti Calls for Mandatory Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings

The importance of Seismic Retrofitting

In many cases, a business will need to make more involved updates to be earthquake ready, such as Seismic Retrofitting. As a FEMA-Trained, Earthquake Brace & Bolt Contractor in Los Angeles, Foundation Technology is the right choice when it comes to modifying the existing structure of your business, so that it becomes resistant to seismic activity.

The process starts by evaluating your building’s foundation and determining if it’s at risk of sliding off its foundation, racking or collapsing, or lifting off its foundation during an earthquake. We make it easy and affordable to start the process with our 100% free, no-obligation foundation inspections.


The house slides off the foundation.


The cripple wall buckles and collapses.


The house lifts off it’s foundation.