Improving curb appeal, and permanently stabilizing a property’s foundation, guarantees increased buyer interest, resulting in a quicker sale.


It’s required by law to disclose a property’s foundation problems to potential buyers. As a result, the selling price of a property with structural defects is usually discounted by up to 30% to proceed with the sale. When it comes to damaged concrete, it’s not only unsightly, but also a serious safety concern. Whether in a driveway, sidewalk, parking lot or walkway, any type of trip hazard represents a legal liability. With a permanently stabilized foundation, and improved curb appeal, buyers will view the property as a more valuable asset, and lenders will consider it a more secure investment.

At Foundation Technology, we specialize in working directly with Realtors®. We can repair a damaged foundation within 3-7 days and restore sinking, cracked or uneven concrete within one day! We offer in-house, unsecured financing to help your Clients roll the cost of repairs into the loan amount. And every service includes a 25 year warranty. Call (661) 294-1313 to speak with one of our foundation repair experts today!