Improving curb appeal, and permanently stabilizing a property’s foundation, guarantees increased buyer interest, resulting in a quicker sale.

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Structural Inspections

When the Inspection report suggests you hire a professional to look at your client’s property. Call Foundation Tech, Inc., for a through analysis, recommendation for repair, and cost analysis, of the issues all within 3 days.

Why Choose Us?

  • 50% of our Inspection fee is credited to any work we perform over $5,000.00
  • We specialize in working directly with Realtors®
  • We can repair damaged foundation within 3-7 days
  • We can restore sinking, cracked or uneven concrete within 1 day
  • We offer in-house, unsecured financing 
  • Every repair includes a 25 year warranty

Services We Provide

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Damage Assessment
  • Earthquake
  • Flood/Drought
  • Mechanical or other damage influence
  • Seismic Evaluations and Upgrades
Seismic Retrofit  
  • Soft story retrofit
  • LA Brace and Bolt Program
  • Carbon Fiber Structural Improvement
Structural Analysis
  • Construction analysis, compaction testing.
  • Damaged/modified structures
  • Foundation Vibration Failure Analysis
  • Impact/Hardness/Corrosion Testing
  • GPR Voids Testing
Hillside Structure Assessment
  • Soils Analysis
  • Soil Creep, (lateral movement failure)
Renovation / Repair Design
  • Wall Removal/Demolition Design
Foundation Improvement
  • Second Story addition load design
  • Settlement or other foundation issues
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Repair Methodology Design and costing
Legal/Expert Witness
  • Foundation Repair Project Management
  • Foundation Repair Consulting
Forensic Investigations
  • Soils analysis/Foundation Failure Causation and Effect
  • Hydrology investigation,(soils moisture analysis)
  • Source of foundation failure
Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Reports
  • The Probable Maximum Loss (PML) is a tool used to evaluate the seismic risk of a building and identify assets with high seismic risk. The Probable Maximum Loss report identifies the PML value, expressed as a percentage of the replacement cost.