Reasons To Get a Foundation Repair Sooner Rather Than Later

Reasons To Get a Foundation Repair Sooner Rather Than Later

It’s been said, “Foundation problems are like a toothache. You know you’ve got one, and the longer you wait, the more it’s going to hurt, the damage will get worse over time, and the longer you put it off, the more it will cost you.”

There’s never been a truer statement when it comes to foundation problems. You see, foundation problems hurt too, and they don’t just go away. As with a toothache, you can slow the decay of foundation problems, but to repair the damage, you need to consult a professional.

There are a few reasons to get a foundation repair sooner rather than later. See our top reasons below.

Maintain Your Home’s Value

First, foundation problems can lower your property value. Real estate data shows that houses with known foundation problems often sell for as much as 30 percent below market value. Almost nobody wants a house with foundation issues. The unknown is just too great for buyers to stomach when purchasing their biggest investment.

Repairs Are Faster and Cheaper

Second, many foundation problems can be eliminated quickly and easily if you catch them early. Over the years, we’ve seen simple problems grow into $100,000 repair bills because the reason behind the problem was never properly addressed. Just like when the dentist tells you to floss more often, preventative measures can go a long way in diverting expensive foundation repairs.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

The third reason to get a foundation repair sooner rather than later is to protect yourself and your family. Some foundation problems can become serious enough to cause safety concerns. Settlement can cause structural deficiencies and beams, walls, and floors to become unstable. A two-inch partial foundation settlement can cause the nails to completely pull out of the framing in the ceiling. This can cause the ceiling to bough or fail. At the very least, your roof will begin to leak. That alone can cost thousands to repair, not to mention the damage it can cause to your belongings.

A Permanent Fix

Lastly, cosmetic repairs cost money, and if you only pay someone to put on another bandage to cover up the pain, the problem will keep coming back year after year. Cover-ups make your home look nice temporarily, but they don’t solve the underlying problem. After a while, the problem returns, often worse than the last time. So, you do the same thing again and again, until you reach the point where you finally decide to call in a professional. Think about much money you spent over the years!

I bet you’ve got the point. So, why should you fix your foundation problems now?

  • It will never be less expensive than it is today.
  • The cost for an inspection is free.
  • The cause of the problem can be stopped or at least slowed down.
  • You can rest easy knowing the problem is solved permanently!

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We can offer advice and a no-cost inspection. And if we find problems with your foundation, we can fix them affordably using a permanent solution, such as foundation wall anchors.

Whether you’re worried about cracks, settlement, moisture problems, or another foundation issue, contact us. You’ll be glad you did.