A Journey Through Time: Evolution of Foundation Repairs

From the dawn of construction, mankind has grappled with the persistent problem of sinking and settling foundations. Early on, individuals relied on rudimentary solutions, using materials like rocks and logs to support their structures and slow the inevitable settlement.


The modern era brought advancements, with more durable materials such as concrete replacing rocks. However, the problem remained - foundations, over time, would continue to settle. This led to the need for more sophisticated techniques and technologies in foundation repair.


Modern Foundation Repair Techniques


Here at Foundation Technology, we utilize proven modern methods to counteract foundation settlement and maintain your home's structural integrity. Let's take a look at some of the key methods:


Push Piers and Helical Piers


As part of our comprehensive suite of foundation repair solutions, we use push piers and helical piers to support sinking foundations. These devices are driven deep into the ground, beneath the failing foundation, to reach more stable soils or bedrock. This provides a stable base that prevents further settlement and can even lift the foundation back to its original level. Learn More


Polyurethane Foam Injection


This modern method involves injecting a high-density polyurethane foam under the sinking concrete slab. The foam expands and hardens, filling voids in the soil and lifting the slab back to a level position. Learn More


Slabjacking and Mudjacking


Slabjacking or mudjacking are techniques used to lift and stabilize concrete slabs that have sunk due to soil compaction or erosion. These methods involve pumping a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement beneath the slab to raise it back to its original level. Learn More


Soil Stabilization


Soil stabilization is a preventative measure aimed at increasing the bearing capacity of the soil underneath a foundation. By injecting a stabilizing agent into the ground, we can mitigate the risks of soil shrinkage, settlement, and liquefaction during seismic activity. Learn More


As we move forward, Foundation Technology continues to stay at the forefront of foundation repair, incorporating the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your home's foundation stands strong.


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