What Lies Beneath: The Soil Story

What Lies Beneath: The Soil Story

Soil isn't just dirt. It's a complex mixture of minerals and organic components, with distinct properties that can change from location to location. On average, soil is composed of:


• 45% Minerals: This includes clay, silt, sand, gravel, and stones.
• 25% Water: The presence of water is critical. Too much or too little can cause issues.
• 25% Air: Essential for soil and root respiration.
• 5% Organic Matter: Both living and dead organisms contribute to soil fertility.


Understanding soil composition is the first step towards diagnosing and addressing potential foundation issues.


The Problem of Soil Consolidation and Differential Settlement


Differential settlement happens when the soil under different parts of a foundation doesn't settle evenly. This can lead to multiple structural issues, including cracks, shifting walls, and sticking doors and windows.

All soils compress to a degree under load, reducing the voids (spaces filled with air and water) in the soil. This causes the foundation to settle. Depending on the soil's composition, the extent of compression and associated issues can vary.


Ensuring Stability with Soil Stabilization


Soil stabilization is our solution to the challenges posed by soil consolidation and settlement. It's a process designed to enhance soil's physical properties, improving its strength and managing its shrink-swell characteristics. The end result? A significantly increased load-bearing capacity, ensuring a stable, solid foundation for your property.


Ready to Firm Up Your Foundations?


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