Since 1971, earthquakes in California have caused over $55 billion in losses. It’s expected that the next large earthquake may lead to even greater losses, especially if it affects a major urban area. When this happens, it will not only disrupt the economy of the entire State but also much of the nation. An effective disaster plan, which includes seismic retrofitting, by residents, private businesses, and municipalities will dramatically reduce the losses and help towards a speedy recovery. Understanding this is crucial for California earthquake safety.

Basic Earthquake Q&A
Is it true that California is located on the San Andreas Fault?
Yes. In fact, this is why earthquakes are a common occurrence in California.

When was the first strong earthquake recorded?
The first significantly sized earthquake in California was recorded in Los Angeles in 1769.

When was the most recent “large” earthquake?
January 17th, 1994 in Northridge, California.

How many active faults are there in California?
There are over 500+ faults in the state of California.

On average, how many earthquakes does southern California have each year?
Typically, there are around 10,000 earthquakes in southern part of the state every year.
Safety & Preparation Tips
In the event of an earthquake, an appropriate safety plan saves homes, businesses, and most importantly lives. For more information on identifying potential weaknesses along with handy guides with risk factors and answers to your California earthquake concerns, check out FEMA’s risk management page. Moreover, after a large earthquake, residents and businesses may be isolated from police, fire, and emergency support for a period of time ranging from several hours to a few days. It’s critical we are prepared to survive safely and to aid others until outside help arrives. Be sure to assemble an earthquake emergency kit that will last for over 72 hours. Check out this short video below:
Preparing for the Worst With Seismic Retrofitting
Understanding the risk factors of earthquakes and specifically California earthquake concerns is vital when recognizing warning signs of impending damage or attempting to prevent more damage. This is why it is essential to find a contractor that can assess your foundation repair needs or provide seismic retrofitting. Seismic or earthquake retrofitting is the modification of existing homes or buildings to improve their resistance to earthquakes. This process is especially important for older structures, built prior to our modern understanding of earthquakes and improved construction techniques. Call Foundation Technology at (661) 491-7615 to learn more about how we can retrofit your home, building, or structure to help reduce the economic impact of California’s next major earthquake.
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