Using methods such as push piers or helical piers, for instance, is one way that we might retrofit your foundation to withstand such activity and prevent foundation cracks. In short, both methods use the weight of your existing foundation to push or hold itself up so that soil settling does not affect your home. When soil settles, it can lead to your foundation not being level, and the pressure of one portion being higher or lower will cause cracking in the foundation wall or floor. The piers come into play by creating resistances between the outside of your foundation and the soil around it, effectively balancing it within the soil so that no one side favors a different level. The major difference between push and helical piers are that push piers are like nails in that they are driven under your foundation to stabilize the level and weight of your foundation. Helical piers, on the other hand, are shaped like screws and work like them too, in that their grooves provide extra resistance and hold on to the surrounding soil after being attached to your foundation so that it remains at level.
With these factors to consider, we want to provide you with a clear view of what needs to be done to your home and how foundation repair works for your specific situation. Our consultation with you will give us insight into what solution is best for you; if settlement occurs, we might use one of the pier methods we discussed above. Otherwise, if you’re dealing with a minor crack in the foundation and a concrete foundation repair injection will do the trick, then we will do that. Other methods, such as polyfoam leveling or the use of carbon fiber wall anchors in their respective situations, might be best for your scenario.
No matter what our consultation uncovers, we will use the method and materials that will provide your home’s foundation with the strength and integrity to withstand seismic activity or general wear over time. Even if that means using a product that isn’t one of our company favorite ECP brand products. We are here for you and the care of your foundation—everything else is secondary so long as we get the job done right with the best solutions and materials possible.
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