Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining walls are an important component of many California homes and businesses. We here at Foundation Technology thought it would be beneficial to go over common retaining wall problems and solutions.

Vital to the stability of your property, retaining walls provide protection against lateral movement of the soil.

What happens when you are concerned about your retaining wall’s structural integrity? Do you have cracks or suspect shifting and/or movement? You may need retaining wall foundation repair. Fortunately, Foundation Technology offers various retaining wall services that can bring back your peace of mind!

What Causes Retaining Wall Problems:

There are several reasons that your retaining wall can have structural problems such as:

Poor drainage/Saturated soil: When you have saturated soil from either poor drainage or excessive groundwater, pressure is significantly increased on the structure of your retaining wall. Pressure can lead to cracks and ultimately, failure.

Improperly constructed foundation/foundation footing: It is imperative when a retaining wall is constructed that the soil beneath is properly compacted. In addition, when built, it is important to understand the properties of the soil and surrounding terrain. The footing should be deep enough to withstand saturated soil so the load it bears remains strong. If not, cracking and shifting can occur leading to wall failure. Without this knowledge of retaining wall problems and solutions to fix them, crucial repairs that are needed won’t be accomplished in a timely manner.

Substandard materials: Sadly, there are times when the materials used to construct a retaining wall were of substandard quality. Poor quality mortar and steel used in construction can lead to retaining wall failure, and at times, not long after being built.

It’s crucial to understand these common retaining wall problems and solutions to fix them. Otherwise, essential retaining wall repairs won’t be accomplished in a timely manner

Foundation Technology is Your Retaining Wall Specialist

If you need retaining wall repair, the professional team at Foundation Technology has both the experience and the tools to help. We hope we’ve shared some of our know-how in this guide to retaining wall problems and solutions. Contact us today to discuss your options for retaining wall repair and to set up a no-cost inspection. It is our goal to repair your wall so that you and your home or business remain safe and secure.