Job Details

Year: 2014
Title: Canyon Gate Gated Community
Job Type: Commercial
Location: Santa Clarita, California

Job Description

Canyon Gate is a gated community in Santa Clarita, California. The concrete slab at the entrance to their community pool was sunken into the ground, which resulted in a trip hazard. This damage was caused from their irrigation system. Without proper drainage, the soil beneath the concrete slab began to settle and shift due to the buildup of excess water. As the soil softened overtime, the concrete slab started to sink. The ADA defines a trip hazard as any vertical change in a concrete joint or crack of over 1/4 inch or more. As a community swimming pool, this non-compliance placed Canyon Gate at risk of a costly lawsuit. Fortunately, these types of trip hazards are preventable with our ADA compliant Polyurethane Foam Concrete Leveling. Canyon gate knew that polyurethane offered a much faster, and more cost-effective solution than replacing the concrete slab. After providing a free inspection, they chose to hire Foundation Technology for the job. It took only a few hours and approximately 40 lbs of polyurethane foam to fill the void. The decision to work with Foundation Technology helped Canyon Gate avoid possible litigation, and more importantly, provided peace of mind of knowing the safety of their property had been restored.