Mudjacking Service

Economical way to repair cracked, sunken concrete.

Mudjacking is the process of pumping a mixture of soil and concrete beneath a sunken concrete slab to raise it back to a level position. Ideal for large jobs, this approach saves time and money compared to the conventional alternative of removing and replacing damaged concrete. More on Mudjacking
Mudjacking is Ideal For…
  • Filling large volume voids
  • Hillside erosion
  • Large backfills
  • Use in parks & recreation areas
  • Lift large concrete slabs & walkways
  • Highway bridge abutment slab lifting
  • Commercial applications
Save Time & Money
Save Time & Money
Saves up to 50% the cost and takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional concrete replacement.
Eliminate Trip Hazards
Eliminate Trip Hazards
Restore property value and prevent costly claims that result from trips and falls on cracked, sunken concrete!

Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Faster, Easier, & Eco-Friendly
Instead of using a mixture of soil and concrete, this state-of-the-art method utilizes high-density polyurethane foam to lift cracked, sunken concrete. Unlike mudjacking, this approach is non-disruptive, Eco-friendly and super fast allowing you to walk or drive on the repaired concrete only 15 minutes after installation!
More on our Polyurethane Foam System

What Customers Are Saying

Justin was well organized, and the project was thoroughly planned out. Once completed I felt that the foundation work was sound and I believe my house is and will be secure. Thanks very much and tell Justin and the guys, ‘Great Job’. I appreciate it!
 Janice M. Homeowner
The crew showed up on time, were very professional, and did a great job at repairing the damage. I work from my home office and wasn’t disturbed at any point during the three day repair. I highly recommend Foundation Technology to anyone in need of foundation repair.
 John K. Tennant
Great overall experience! A day after my inspection I received a bid that reflected exactly what was explained, including costs. I couldn’t imagine using another company and can’t thank Foundation Technology enough for making such a stressful situation bearable.
 Stephanie D. Homeowner
Fantastic! My clients were very impressed with Foundation Technology! They did a great job! They were prompt, professional, and we will highly recommend them again and again!!! Thank You!!!
 Laura H. Realtor
Overall, it was a very smooth experience. They were very transparent throughout the whole process and performed the repairs quickly without being disruptive to my tenants. I would highly recommend Foundation Technology for any foundation issues.
 Scott W. Property Owner
The fact that the inspection was free made things much less stressful. I knew it wouldn’t cost me anything to at least get an answer to what was wrong. It turned out I didn’t have foundation damage. Although I didn’t need the work now, I would definitely hire Foundation Technology if I end up having foundation damage into the future.
 Jim N. Homeowner
We expected a “push” to take action, but instead Jerry showed us how to spot danger signals that should prompt us to make the appropriate decisions. He was never condescending; he patiently answered our barrage of questions, and we certainly intend to use his services when it’s time.
 Vincent Homeowner