Seismic Retrofitting

In California, the earth is constantly moving as a result of seismic activity. At any moment, your home, or building is one earthquake away from severe structural damage or even worse, a complete collapse. Seismic retrofitting involves modifying existing structures, so that they are more resistant to seismic activity. Foundation Technology is the retrofitting leader in Los Angeles, California. Call (661) 294-1313 to speak with one of our retrofitting experts today and take the first step towards protecting what matters most in the event of an earthquake.

Why Retrofit Your Foundation?

The first stage of seismic retrofitting is addressing the foundation. In the event of an earthquake, a home or building that has not been retrofitted can either slide, rack or overturn off it’s foundation.


The house slides of the foundation.


The cripple wall buckles and collapses.


The house lifts of it’s foundation.

” .. today we are taking bold action to make LA an epicenter of earthquake preparedness, resilience and safety.”


Foundation Technology is a certified contractor in California under the Earthquake Brace & Bolt program. Call (661) 294-1313 to see if you’re eligible to receive $3,000 toward the seismic retrofitting of your home.


Why Seismic Retrofitting Can’t Wait

Save Lives & Medical Costs

A large earthquake can cause structural collapse, bringing an entire home, or building to the ground. Seismic retrofitting can ensure the safety of family members in your home, or staff, tenants and customers in your place of business.

Restore Property Value

In the event of an earthquake, the probable maximum loss (PML) is lower on a seismic retrofit property. Therefore, buyers will regard the property a more valuable asset, and lenders will view as a more secure investment.

Avoid Lost Profits

Whether it’s tenants having to relocate, loss of assets, decreased productivity, or ceased operations, the destruction caused by an earthquake can reduce, or even halt an organization’s profits.

Prevent Costly Litigation

If a property has a substandard safety plan, it’s likely the owner will be plagued by litigation at some point in time. Seismic retrofitting will drastically reduce the vulnerability to lawsuits that result from injury, death, loss of wages, or loss of housing.

City Code Requirement

Most cities in California, including Los Angeles, have ordinances that mandate property owners to retrofit their homes, buildings, or structures. Failure to comply can result in penalties ranging from large fines to a shutdown of business operations.

Insurance Savings

Solid safety plans are rewarded with reduced insurance premiums. A seismic retrofit substantially reduces the costs of damage from an earthquake. It also demonstrates good faith in trying to protect a building and its occupants.

What Customers Are Saying

Justin was well organized, and the project was thoroughly planned out. Once completed I felt that the foundation work was sound and I believe my house is and will be secure. Thanks very much and tell Justin and the guys, ‘Great Job’. I appreciate it!

 Janice M. Homeowner

The crew showed up on time, were very professional, and did a great job at repairing the damage. I work from my home office and wasn’t disturbed at any point during the three day repair. I highly recommend Foundation Technology to anyone in need of foundation repair.

 John K. Tennant

Great overall experience! A day after my inspection I received a bid that reflected exactly what was explained, including costs. I couldn’t imagine using another company and can’t thank Foundation Technology enough for making such a stressful situation bearable.

 Stephanie D. Homeowner

Fantastic! My clients were very impressed with Foundation Technology! They did a great job! They were prompt, professional, and we will highly recommend them again and again!!! Thank You!!!

 Laura H. Realtor

Overall, it was a very smooth experience. They were very transparent throughout the whole process and performed the repairs quickly without being disruptive to my tenants. I would highly recommend Foundation Technology for any foundation issues.

 Scott W. Property Owner

The fact that the inspection was free made things much less stressful. I knew it wouldn’t cost me anything to at least get an answer to what was wrong. It turned out I didn’t have foundation damage. Although I didn’t need the work now, I would definitely hire Foundation Technology if I end up having foundation damage into the future.

 Jim N. Homeowner

We expected a “push” to take action, but instead Jerry showed us how to spot danger signals that should prompt us to make the appropriate decisions. He was never condescending; he patiently answered our barrage of questions, and we certainly intend to use his services when it’s time.

 Vincent Homeowner

Our Retrofitting Solutions

Foundation Bolting

Improves the connection between the wood framing of a structure and its concrete foundation. In the event of an earthquake, foundation bolting decreases the likelihood of your home or building to slide, shift or move off its foundation. Application involves bolting a piece of wood, known as the sill or mill plate, from the structure into the concrete foundation. The type of foundation plates, plate washers, and bolts used, whether expansion or epoxy-set, are determined by the current conditions of the home or building and it’s foundation.

Cripple Wall Bracing

A cripple wall is a short, wood-framed wall that extends from the top of the concrete foundation to the bottom of the main floor in the crawlspace. The most common cause of earthquake related failure is a cripple wall collapse. Bracing the cripple wall is critical to preventing a collapse in the event of an earthquake. First, exterior siding is applied to cover and strengthen the cripple wall. Metal bracing, a sill plate, and brackets are bolted and glued with epoxy to secure the cripple wall to the foundation. Plywood sheer paneling is then applied to reduce sway.

Crawlspace Pier System

An adjustable, support system used in crawl spaces to stabilize floor joists or beams. It’s common for the floors of a home or building to fail amid shaking caused by an earthquake. The crawl space pier system is the most effective solution to prevent collapse. Installation starts by placing a precast concrete base into a fill in the ground. The adjustable, heavy duty steel pier is then secured to both the concrete base and to the bottom of the beams or joists to provide support. If at any point the ground beneath the concrete base sinks, or the floor starts to sag, the adjustable pier can lift the floor back to a level position.

Helical & Push Piers

Steel piers, are screwed or driven into the soil beneath a home or building until competent, load bearing strata or bedrock is reached. The piers are then attached to the foundation footings by steel brackets. When the earth moves, your foundation weakens and will eventually fail. In the event of an earthquake, the piers that support your foundation are not affected by ground movement. Installation of the push pier involves a hydraulically driven steel pier that uses the home or building’s foundation as the opposing load to push the pier. If the load is not sufficient, the pier cannot be driven into load bearing strata, hence the need to install helical, or screw type piers.

Other Solutions

  • Foundation Hold Down Brackets
  • Reinforced Concrete Wall Burst
  • Reinforced Concrete Column Burst
  • Deep Soil Injection
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Roof to Wall Anchors
  • Strong-Tie Retrofit Connectors
  • Angle Iron Struts
  • Steel Braced Frames & Concrete Footings
  • Expansion Rockers
  • Mudsill Anchors
  • Beam-Column Joint Connections
  • Reinforced Concrete Column Burst
  • Reinforced Concrete Wall Burst
  • Continuity Ties
  • Roof Nailing

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Structures We Can Retrofit

  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Apartments & Condos
  • Soft Story Structures
  • Light Post Structures
  • Highways & Roads
  • Concrete Tilt-Up Building
  • Bridges of any Size or Type
  • Retail & Office Buildings
  • Parking Structures
  • Radio & Antenna Towers
  • Cell Towers
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hillside Abutments
  • Retainer Walls
  • Railroad Tracks
  • Harbor Structures & Docks
  • Solar Towers

Do You Live in a High Risk Area?

Experts are estimating $50 billion in damages from earthquakes in California over the next 10 years.

This map shows the relative intensity and damage of seismic activity in California from anticipated future earthquakes. Although the areas of highest intensity pose greater hazard, every region within the state is vulnerable to potential earthquake damage.

  • High
  • Moderate
  • Low

The two largest urban areas in California are located in the State’s highest seismic hazard zones.

Since 1971, earthquakes in California have caused over $55 billion in losses. It’s expected that the next large earthquake may lead to even greater losses, especially if it affects a major urban area. When this happens, it will not only disrupt the economy of the entire State, but also much of the nation. An effective disaster plan, which includes seismic retrofitting, by residents, private businesses, and municipalities will dramatically reduce the losses and help towards a speedy recovery.

More Information on California Earthquakes

Structural Repairs & Replacements

At Foundation Technology, we offer a complete seismic retrofit solution, from foundation bolting and cripple wall bracing to shear wall paneling and other lateral support strapping. As a member of Bristol Companies, we are also able to offer any type of structural repair or replacement with the same level of quality, integrity and customer service.

  • Truss Repairs
  • Glu lam beams
  • Purlin & Sub-Purlin
  • Moment Frames
  • Plywood Shear Walls
  • Concrete Shear Walls
  • Concrete Footings, Grade Beams, Walls
  • Steel Columns, & Beams
  • Steel Braces, Plates & Posts
  • Roof Sheathing
  • Roof Crickets
  • HVAC Platforms