Slab Pier Systems

Slab foundation settlement is caused by changes in soil conditions beneath a concrete foundation slab. These changes create voids beneath the slab which eventually lead to sinking, cracking, and breaking. Settling concrete slabs can cause all types of structural damage from cracks in walls, and tilting chimneys to a complete collapse.

The slab pier system is the fastest, most effective solution for settled foundation slabs. This is mainly because it avoids the disruption involved with removing and replacing the damaged concrete. In addition to stabilizing a damaged concrete slab, they provide the best opportunity to re-level the floor. This method can also lift any non-load bearing partition wall that may have settled with the concrete slab.

Installation involves drilling holes in the damaged slab, then driving rugged, steel piers through a heavy-duty slab bracket into the earth below. Once load-bearing strata is reached, the weight of the concrete slab is then carefully transferred from the original unstable soil, through the piers, onto competent soils.

Advantages of Slab Piers

• Year-round installation in any weather
• Ability to extend deep, beyond problem soils
• Avoid disturbance of replacing concrete
• Non invasive … small holes are drilled in the slab and patched afterwards
• Slabs and partition walls can be lifted back to original, level position
• Long-term solution that restores property value

6 Fast Installation Steps

Step 1.
We core a small hole through the concrete floor.

Step 2.
The slab bracket is then positioned beneath the concrete slab.

Step 3.
Hydraulics are used to drive steel tubes through the bracket into competent soil.

Step 4.
The weight of the slab is transferred through the piers, onto load bearing strata. If possible, the slab is lifted.

Step 5.
Grout is carefully pumped beneath the slab to fill the void created by the settlement and slab lifting.

Step 6.
Upon completion, concrete is used to patch the cored hole.

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When it comes to repairing your settled foundation, the slab pier system offers the fastest, and most convenient, cost effective solution in the industry.