Slab Rocking Solutions

Slab Rocking

Concrete Slab Rocking

Concrete slabs constructed on unbound sub-bases can cause ‘steps’ at joints, the main cause being movement of the sub-base. As heavy vehicles such as forklifts travel over a joint, the slab on the approach side is deflected downward. When the wheel leaves, it quickly deflects upwards creating a gap of low pressure between the slab and the sub-base drawing minute amounts of material from beneath the departure slab to the other side of the joint. After many passages from the vehicles, a significant amount of material is moved across the joint, resulting in ‘stepping’, ultimately leading to slab cracking and slab rocking. The edges are pressed against each other causing spauling of the slab and eventual pockets, resulting in “bumps” or “ruts” that slow forklift traffic substantially. Damage and spills are often the outcome.

HMI Polyurethane Foam

Injection of polyurethane concrete lifting foam to stabilize and lift the slab, eliminating “Slab Rock” and can reduce the down time over conventional repairs from days and weeks to just hours. Slab Rocking occurs and can be eliminated in almost all heavy vehicle traffic locations.