House Foundation Support

When it comes to overall house foundation support, the soil surrounding your home or business is oftentimes the primary culprit for foundational wear and tear or potential points of failure. Aspects such as what the soil is composed of and how dense those materials are can affect the lifespan of your foundation and how well it will handle the load it has to bear. This rings true for homes everywhere, but especially so in states such as California where seismic activity is prevalent.

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Understanding how the soil around your foundation is affecting your home requires experience in the field. Here at Foundation Technology, we provide a rigorous consultation process to ensure we are providing house foundation support solutions that make sense for your home. We will look at factors such as the composition of the soil and see if it favors clay, sand, or silt, or if it is heavily compacted with root systems, to get a feel for which of our solutions can best help your home. After that, we will also look at possible fabricated interference with your foundation’s support to see if settlement is occurring due to a burst or leaking pipe somewhere. Whether it’s due to an influx of moisture such as a broken pipe or just the natural settlement that occurs over time, we want to ensure the soil beneath your house isn’t negatively impacting your foundation.

No matter what we discover, we will provide the best house foundation support in our arsenal. For instance, your foundation might need an overhaul, and we may discuss with you our foundation encapsulation solution in which we implement a concrete or steel cylinder around your house as a buffer against seismic activity. Otherwise, we may talk about our push piers and helical piers, and how each method can help raise your home and prevent further soil settlement. No matter what solution we land on for your home when soil is affecting the foundation, we will get the job done right the first time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about foundational support. We are ready to help.