The Importance of Seismic Retrofitting Your Home Foundation

The Importance of Seismic Retrofitting Your Home Foundation

Did you know that California experiences more earthquakes than any other state? The strong ground shaking produced by these natural disasters can wreak havoc on homes, damaging crucial structural elements like beams, columns, walls, and braces.

Do you think your home can withstand the shaking? Many homes in California can’t. Fortunately, you can reinforce your home to reduce quake damage through a process called seismic retrofitting. If you want to learn more about seismic retrofitting your home’s foundation and why it’s important, read on.

What’s Seismic Retrofitting?

Seismic retrofitting is the process of modifying a structure to make it more resistant to seismic activity. Your contractor will determine the best process based on current standard seismic upgrades that have been engineered, designed, and approved by your local building and safety department.

The goal of seismic retrofitting is to add additional structural rigidity to ensure your home suffers the least amount of damage during a quake. Homes that aren’t retrofitted are more at risk of racking, sliding, and overturning. By retrofitting your home, you can minimize damage and safety concerns in the event of an earthquake.

What Kind of Homes Need Seismic Retrofitting?

There are millions of homes in California that can benefit from seismic retrofitting. Wood-framed homes built prior to 1978 (the introduction of seismic codes in the US) are most at risk, but raised foundation homes, homes constructed with stem-walls, cripple walls, hillside homes, and post-and-pier homes may also need extra reinforcement.

The Benefits of Seismic Retrofitting

Why is seismic retrofitting your home’s foundation so important? Simple: because it protects you and your home. Homes that have been retrofitted have increased structural stability in the event of an earthquake, meaning they’re less likely to sustain serious damage in the event of moderate shaking. When the shaking subsides, you’re more likely to have a standing, intact home. It may need a few repairs, but you won’t lose it.

Retrofitting can also protect you and your family. Most injuries and deaths that occur during earthquakes aren’t due to the quakes themselves; they’re due to crumbling and flying objects. Retrofitting keeps your home from falling apart, which results in less debris that can harm you.

Earthquakes in California are common. Don’t take a risk; protect your home today by getting it seismic retrofitted. If you need a reliable home foundation contractor for the job, contact Foundation Tech. We’re experts when it comes to foundation repair and reinforcement, and we can help you effectively brace your home.