Uneven Floors… a Sign of Foundation Damage

When constructing a foundation, the fill soil beneath must be tightly compressed. If not done properly, the soil will eventually decompress and become loose when a load is imposed. The difference is similar to sitting down on a sturdy wooden bench compared to a couch with a thick foam cushion. One offers a solid, immobile seat while the other compresses as you sit placing you a lot closer to the floor.

As this happens over time your once flawless home or building starts to suffer from uneven floors. In the basement, this type of damage can be found in the form of cracking or sinking cement slabs. When it makes it’s way upstairs homeowners will find tilting, uneven floors in the house.

Nondestructive Repair!

Although uneven floors are a serious problem, with specialized training, tools and materials they can be fixed faster and more affordable than you could ever imagine!

At Foundation Technology, we resolve structural issues such as uneven floors using nondestructive techniques such as helical or push piers. These techniques recognize that if solid, load-bearing soil doesn’t exist immediately beneath a foundation, it can and should be found at greater depths.

We also use polyurethane foam to fill in the voids in the soil beneath your foundation. To further strengthen the repair and level your sagging floors we’ll install crawl space joist supports.

How It’s Done

Piers extend through weak soil to repair uneven floors

We first make holes in the sunken section of damaged slab. Piers are then driven into the holes, extending through the weak soil until firmly embedded into stable, load-bearing soil. Attached to the top of the pier is a special bracket that connects the pier to the slab. This enables our crew to raise the uneven floor back to its proper level.

Expanding foam strengthens weak soil & raises sunken slabs

In cases where the pier approach isn’t applicable, our foundation repair specialists will sometimes revert to another method which involves injecting “geotechnical” foam that expands beneath the settled foundation. The foam is formulated to flow into, and then expand within voids and loose soil. Our contractor can strengthen the soil and raise up the settled slab by controlling the formulation and application. This permanent solution can often be completed in just one or two days!

New beam supports to repair uneven floors over a crawl space

When dealing with an uneven floor above a crawl space, the culprit is usually a weak central beam which is supposed to provide solid mid-span support for floor joists. If the beam doesn’t have adequate support from posts it can sag or sink. Our foundation repair contractors can correct this problem by installing new adjustable posts.

Get Started Today

You can rely on the expertise of a Foundation Technology, expert to determine the severity of your foundation damage and recommend the best course of action.

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