Job Details

Year: 2014
Job Type: Residential
Location: Gehrig St, West Covina, Califoria

Property Details

Foundation Type: Slab
Issues: 3.5” Foundation Settlement & Uneven Sidewalks
 Work Performed: Perimeter Helical Piers (8), Polyurethane Foam Void Filling & Concrete Leveling

Job Description

This property, located in West Covina, California, was experiencing both interior and exterior foundation damage. The movement of soils beneath the foundation were so severe that the corner of the house where the living room was located had sunken 3.5 inches into the ground. Inside the home, the ceiling, floors, and walls were cracking. Outside, the walkways around the house had numerous trip hazards due to concrete settlement. Additionally, the edge of concrete slab in which the AC unit rested was completely cracked off. Given the extent of the damage, the homeowners were rightfully concerned about the safety of their home. They reached out to Foundation Technology for a free inspection. After inspecting the property and submitting a bid, we were subsequently awarded the job to repair their

    Installation required excavation of 3 x 3 ft holes to expose the footing. The piers were placed at interval distance of 6 ft and were installed to stabilize foundation from additional movement. We were able to guarantee 100% stabilization from future movement!

    • Lifted the home 3.5 inches
    • Piers were drilled 14 ft into the ground
    • Load resistance of 4,000 lbs per pier at perimeter of foundation
    • Installed (8) 288TT brackets
      • Load Capacity : 68,000 lbs each
      • Lift Capacity : 4 inches
      • Bearing Surface : 68 sq. in.


We then installed slow reaction closed celled polyurethane foam to fill the void left beneath the foundation after the helical pier lift. We also leveled the sunken walkways outside the home.

  • Drilled 5/8 inch foam injection port holes
  • Installed approximately 175 lbs of RR401 polyurethane foam
  • Patched foam injection port holes with broom finish