What Factors into Foundation Repair Costs?

What Factors into Foundation Repair Costs?

Your foundation needs repairs, and like most homeowners, you may wonder, “How much will it cost?” Foundation repairs can be one of the most expensive forms of home repair, and the exact price can vary based on the severity and type of damage. In this article, we explain what factors into foundation repair costs so you can determine what is best for your home.

The Symptoms

The symptoms and causes behind the damage you are experiencing will influence how much repairs cost. Small cracks in your walls or floors may be due to foundation settlement or other non-related structural problems and only cost a few hundred dollars to fix, as long as the foundation remains stable.

Roof leaks, poor construction, removed interior walls, and tree roots can all cause cracking and structural issues that appear to be severe foundation problems. These issues may necessitate a repair professional.

All foundations will settle up to an inch over time. On the other hand, some types of settlement are more problematic. Settlement of more than an inch or settlement over a short period of time is cause for concern. Movement from more complex and pervasive issues, like water or sewer leaks or soil consolidation from rain or irrigation, erosion, or hillside slippage may cost substantially more.

Determining and eliminating the cause is key to keeping the repair costs down. Quite often, the problem that you thought was behind your foundation woes wasn’t the cause at all. Instead, it is usually a result of settlement and foundation problems.

The Severity of the Problem

“The less severe the problem, the less it will cost” used to be the general answer for most foundation problems, but that isn’t always the correct statement. This is the key reason you should investigate foundation problems as soon as you can. The simple fact is that the longer you wait, the worse the foundation problem will become, and the more the cost will increase. Foundation problems don’t just go away or cure themselves, and the longer you wait, the more it will likely cost you to repair.

Home Size

Usually, the size of your home doesn’t have much bearing on foundation costs unless you have a major roblem. Larger homes equal potentially bigger problems. Localized foundation problems cost the same for a small house as they do for a larger house. The location of the problem, type of structure, cause behind the symptoms, and type of soil your home is sitting on will determine any repair procedure and, ultimately, the final cost to repair your foundation.

The Repair Method

The type of repair method used to remedy the issue is another factor that influences foundation repair costs. Simple quick-fix repair methods will cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. More permanent repair solutions may cost substantially more. Installing Helical or Push resistance piers to stabilize your foundation typically costs $1,600 to $3,000 per pier, depending on the type, depth, and severity of settlement.

Leveling a floor is solely dependent on whether it is a slab foundation or raised foundation. There are multiple repair solutions that can cost under $3,000 for simple repairs to over $15,000 for more advanced settlement or unlevel problems. Soil stabilization, water mitigation, erosion, or hillside slippage control—all causes of foundation issues—can cost substantially more.

Foundation Type

The type of foundation your home is constructed on is another factor to keep in mind when considering foundation repair costs. Since they’re easier to access, pier and beam foundations normally cost less to fix if the problem is localized to the interior of the floors. Perimeter settlement is approximately the same for most types of foundations.

Slab foundation homes sometimes tend to be a bit more expensive to repair when there are foundation settlement issues due to the probability of cracking or settlement within the floors. This often requires removal of floor coverings and repair solutions that may include crack repair, partial replacement, and lifting the floor back to level.

If you home has a basement, and the problems are localized in that area, expect to spend more money. Deep foundations or hillside homes require not just repairs to stabilize vertically but may also require some type of lateral stabilization to stop your home from moving. Deep foundations also require more excavation costs to expose the repair areas and more materials to repair. Keep this in mind as you consider the costs.

How Much Will It Cost?

The question remains, “How much will it cost me to fix my foundation?” We get that all the time. So, here is our answer.

Many homeowners have asked us to investigate cracks in their walls and floors, sticking doors and windows, uneven floors, or foundation settling. And they want to know the cause behind the problem. We spend considerable time investigating the symptoms and the cause and provide a solution to not only repair the damage but also to remedy the reasons behind the problem.

The costs are affordable and always manageable—we offer 100% financing options too. Yes, occasionally, the repairs are expensive. Sometimes, the homeowner thanks us for our time, and we don’t hear from them for months or even years. Unfortunately, all too often, when they contact us later, we find the problem has become much worse, and the costs for repair have increased substantially. This isn’t a rare occurrence; it happens with 40% of our potential customers. Most end up finally fixing their problems for far more than we originally estimated. So, the real question should be, “How much will it cost if I don’t fix my foundation problem today?”

At Foundation Technology, we offer an array of professional foundation repair services for homeowners, some with lifetime warranties. We can’t tell you what to do when it comes to spending your money, but there is little today that won’t cost more in the future. The choice is yours, and so are your foundation problems.

Whether you need a professional solution for foundation settlement, cracking, or structural repairs of any type, we can help. Reach out today for a no-cost inspection, and we’ll provide you with an affordable repair plan that works for you.