Foundation Problems? We can solve them for far less than you'd expect!


"I'll get to it later", you said to yourself, but you didn't, and weeks turned into months, months into years. Finally, one day you wake up and it’s a far bigger problem than you expected. Now that’s a pain you didn’t plan on, and now you have to consider the cost of hiring a foundation contractor the problem. We know, we hear it all the time. Foundation problems always seem to creep up on you when you least expect it, but if you don’t address the problem, sooner or later, it will balloon into something major and cause you a lot of pain and frustration. THE GOOD NEWS. Foundation Technology is a foundation repair company that provides alternative repair solutions to your home's foundation problems. Our professional foundation repair methods are guaranteed to fix your home for far less than most other conventional methods. We offer 100% ZERO DOWN FINANCING, and up to 25-YEAR WARRANTY on all our professional foundation repair services. We are the foundation repair contractors that can solve your problems before they get out of hand.



They were very transparent throughout the whole process and performed the repairs quickly without being disruptive to my tenants. I would highly recommend Foundation Technology for any foundation issues.

- Jim N. – Property Owner

I was very satisfied with the repair process and the entire job only took four days!!! I couldn’t imagine using another company and can’t thank Foundation Technology enough for making such a stressful situation bearable.

- Stephanie D. – Homeowner

The crew at Foundation Technology showed up on time, were very professional and courteous, and did a great job at permanently repairing the damage. The floor no longer sinks. I would highly recommend them!

- Janice M. – Homeowner

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