Swift, Cost-Effective, and Assured Solutions for a Sturdy Home Foundation

Have you noticed small, seemingly insignificant signs of foundation trouble creeping into your home? Maybe it's that crack you brushed off as "nothing major" a few weeks ago, which has now evolved into a far more noticeable concern.

Fear not! We're here to help!


As a premier provider of residential foundation repair services in southern California, Foundation Technology delivers top-of-the-line, affordable, and trustworthy solutions to put your foundation worries to rest. Our all-inclusive services offer efficient and budget-friendly answers to your home's foundation challenges.


Our expertly curated solutions include:


PUSH PIERS: These are specifically designed to stabilize and lift your home's foundation, offering a reliable solution for settling problems.


HELICAL PIERS: With minimum disruption and maximum strength, our helical piers present an optimal choice for foundation repair.


FOUNDATION SLAB LIFTING: Our advanced slab lifting techniques can swiftly and effectively address foundation settlement issues.


DEEP INJECTION POLYURETHANE FOAM FOUNDATION LIFTING: This innovative, environmentally-friendly solution can lift and stabilize your foundation with minimal invasion.

To enhance your experience, we offer flexible financing options:


• ZERO INITIAL COSTS: Kick-start your foundation repair journey without any upfront outlay.
• EXTENDED WARRANTIES: Enjoy peace of mind with our warranties that extend up to 25 years, and in some cases, even a lifetime.

* Please note: Warranty duration varies depending on the repair system implemented. We encourage you to review our warranty information for complete details.

At Foundation Technology, our team utilizes innovative, professional repair techniques, ensuring your foundation issues are resolved at considerably lower costs than traditional methods. Our prime focus is to detect and rectify these problems early, protecting your home and your investment.


Don't let minor foundation issues escalate into major challenges! Call upon our fast, dependable, and guaranteed solutions for your residential foundation repair needs today.


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Our experts are ready to answer your questions and cater to your specific needs, ensuring your home remains safe, sturdy, and valuable.

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