Your Comprehensive Solution for Crawl Space Repair

At Foundation Technology, we specialize in repairing crawl spaces, a crucial yet often overlooked part of residential construction. If you're experiencing issues with your crawlspace, you can count on our team's expertise and dedication to providing superior service.
Sloping or Bowing Floor Repair
Uneven floors can be a symptom of serious foundational issues. Whether due to soil movement or deterioration of the supporting structure, we can assess the situation and provide effective solutions to restore your floors to their level best.
Crawl Space Jacks
Crawl space jacks offer robust support to sagging floor joists and beams. Our team can expertly install these jacks, ensuring your floors are steady, stable, and secure. Discover the benefits of crawl space jacks.
Crawl Space Encapsulation
Protect your home from moisture damage with our crawl space encapsulation service. This method not only prevents mold and mildew growth but also improves your home's energy efficiency. Find out more about crawlspace encapsulation.
Excessive moisture in your crawl space can lead to a host of issues. Our high-quality dehumidifiers can help maintain optimal humidity levels, keeping your crawl space dry and healthy. Explore our range of dehumidifiers.
Post and Beam Repairs/Replacement
Our team is adept at handling all sorts of post and beam issues. We can repair or replace compromised components, restoring your home's structural integrity. Learn about our post and beam repair and replacement services.
Cripple-Wall Repairs
Cripple walls require expert attention as they play a significant role in your home's stability. We offer professional repair services to ensure these walls can adequately support your home. Discover more about our cripple-wall repair services.
Foundation-Footing Repairs
Foundations and footings form the base of your home. Any damage or instability can have serious consequences. We're here to help with top-tier repair services.
Concrete Stem Wall Replacement
If your concrete stem walls are damaged or deteriorated, we offer reliable replacement services. We use the highest quality materials to guarantee lasting results.
Brick and Creekstone Foundation Repairs/Replacement
Whether your brick or creekstone foundation requires repairs or a complete replacement, we've got you covered. Our team can restore the durability and appearance of your foundation.
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