Why Is My House Sinking?

What Happens When Your Foundation Begins to Settle?
Hearing about friends or family needing foundation repair can spark concern for your own home. Is your home just experiencing normal settling issues, or does it need a foundation repair?
Uncovering Foundation Cracks and Wall/Floor Cracks
A house settling can cause cracks to appear 2-3 years after being built. This happens when the ground shifts under your foundation. But how can you tell if these cracks are a sign of a larger issue?
The Role of Soil in Foundation Stability
The soil that supports your home can significantly affect your foundation. Changes in soil can result in your home's structure gradually sinking. Learn more about the impact of soil on your foundation.
Understanding Soil Consolidation and Settlement Issues
Weak soils can lead to foundation settlement or hillside settlement, spelling disaster for your home. Find out more about how soil consolidation and settlement issues can affect your home.
The Importance of Storm Run-Off and Rain Gutters
In Southern California, one of the leading causes of localized settlement for residential homes is the lack of rain gutters or storm run-off drains. Learn why these elements are crucial to protecting your foundation.
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