Precise and Powerful Foundation Slab Lifting

When a foundation begins to settle, it usually affects both the perimeter footing and the interior slab. Other concrete elements like walkways, steps, garage floors, and patios may also experience this issue. With Foundation Technology's expert foundation slab lifting services, we can effectively address these problems.
Our innovative approach incorporates the use of state-of-the-art polyurethane foam injection. This technique is not only non-invasive but also offers a cost-effective solution for lifting your sunken slabs back to their original positions.
The Polyurethane Foam Injection Process

We start the procedure by identifying the areas of settlement and drilling small holes accordingly. The next step involves injecting polyurethane foam through these holes. This foam expands, filling any voids underneath the slab and hydraulically lifting it back to its initial level state.


The foam we use is lightweight, reducing the load on the soil. It's also waterproof, preventing any future water damage. Plus, it cures quickly, which means minimal disruption to your daily routine.


However, our services don't stop at the foam injection. We believe in addressing the problem at its root. If the cause of the settlement isn't tackled, there's a risk that the problem might reoccur. Therefore, we conduct a thorough examination of your site to identify and eliminate the underlying issues, providing you a long-lasting solution.


Ensure a Sturdy Foundation with Foundation Technology


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